Monday, June 6, 2011

What a Trip!

Whoosh!  Zooooom!  Pheeeeww!

What a weekend!  We are back from our marathon, whirlwind, go-go-go weekend on the Eastern Slope and it was terrific!  But seeing as I'm up to my eyeballs in laundry, vacuuming, VBS, kids with money burning in their pockets and a possibly inevitable trip to Wal-Mart (shudder....) I have abbreviated my otherwise wordy and detail oriented "What I did this weekend" post to a simple top 10 memorable moments.  With a few snapshots for fun!

#10 - Time with Gramps and Grammy.  Even though our time with them was a bit short, it was definitely sweet.  Two slow mornings chatting at the breakfast table and time to play games on Friday night meant that we had lots of time to laugh and catch up.  And cuddle for book time.

#9 - Double Yahtzee!  I'm not sure about how much fun anyone else had, but I enjoyed the dice games!  I don't think I've ever gotten two Yahtzees in a game, much less two in a row on my first two rolls.  It kinda sealed the deal.  Thanks for finishing the game with me anyway!

#8 - Piano lessons.  In spite of all Mommy's efforts to convince her otherwise, Ashley is convinced that Gramps taught her to play Chop Wood on the piano.  Also, they were not playing a duet ... they were playing together.  So there, Mom.

#7 - Car Talk.  Aaron has developed quite an affinity for those crazy Tappet Brothers, Tom & Ray.  He repeatedly requested their radio show as we drove to Colorado Springs.  And back.  And home again.  Every time those silly men got the giggles, so did Aaron.  And I wish I could have captured a snapshot of his goofy grin whenever the theme song for "Stump the Chumps" came on.  Totally made my day!

#6 - Surprise wedding guests.  As we pulled into the parking lot of the church, I burst into tears ... and out of the van.  (Once it stopped, of course.)  Getting out of another van were two roommates from college.  Sweet friends I hadn't seen in several years!  Throughout the rest of the wedding and reception, it was like a mini-UNC reunion.  Thanks, Krystal, for getting married so we could see each other!

#5 - Kids who did great.  With three kids in tow, we found a row near the back, pulled out the iPod (just in case) and eyed our escape route, if necessary.  Ashley was mesmerized by the beauty of the ceremony.  Aaron remarked that he, "was totally going to do that sand thing at his wedding.  Awesome!" ... and moaned a bit with all the, "repeat after me" stuff.  Lydia proclaimed a loud, "Amen!" when the bride's father finished praying for them ... and happily did her puzzle game on the iPod.

#4 - Unintentional coordination.  Imagine my surprise when the candle-lighters walked down the aisle in matching dresses ... that just happened to match the dress I was wearing.  I was fully prepared to sneak out the back and change back into my jean shorts and t-shirt if the wedding party was also wearing the same dress.  I haven't shopped for a dress for myself in 2 years ... and when I do, look what happens!  I guess it's proof of our amazing good taste. :)

#3 - Sixteen years later.  This snapshot was a must ... for obvious reasons.  Does she look beautiful, or what?  And by she, of course, I mean us. :)

#2 - Chronicling our drive home.  Aaron and Ashley took pictures of our return trip.  These truly capture the thrilling experience it is to travel in the back of a van for 5 hours.  It's awesome.

#1 - Being home with our Norah girl and hearing all about her amazing weekend.  More on that soon.  It's always lovely to land at home, un-pack, un-grunge and un-wind.

It was a great time away ... and now to get busy!


  1. Looks like a great time of fun, friends and fellowship! So glad you got to go! I love when I coordinate with the colors inadvertantly! Love you!

  2. Stopping by from SITS...sounds like you had a great, and action packed weekend!

  3. Welcome home. Isn't it the best when you hop in your own shower and your own bed?!
    So, did you get photos with the candle lighters?! ;)
    Amen to the children doing a fabulous job during the ceremony. And the sand thing is pretty awesome. Colored sand nonetheless! :)
    Love the pictures from their perspective. My fav. :)

  4. #3 is awesome. I love seeing how everyone is years later. Still looking fun, fresh, and fab! Glad you had a great weekend...

  5. Love, love, love that came to the wedding!! So great to see you! I love the dress by the way! When I found them for my candle lighters I wanted to buy myself one but they didn't have my size!!


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