Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Connecting with Trust

Today's VBS is fun a for number of reasons:  the kids are settling into the routine so the rotations go a little smoother, we get to build taxis out of yellow zinger cakes and the kids get to rap!  The song for today is my Aaron-boy's favorite, hands down ... rapper hands down with that little "yo-yo" motion. :)

Also, we get to check in with Nancy and Gloria and learn how hard it is to be a poet as our Broadway wannabe searches for a word to rhyme with "be".  Apparently it's harder than it would seem.


Day 3
Nancy is reading from a newspaper.  Gloria shuffles in sighing dramatically.

Gloria:  “Oh brother,  Oh bother, Oh what will I do?  The Big Apple’s a tough place to be.  Oh fiddle, Oh diddle, Oh what will I do? I really just want to be ... who I am.”  (sigh...)
Nancy:  Uh-oh.  What’s the matter Gloria?
Gloria:  (perks up) Oh!  I was just practicing this dramatic scene that I’m writing for another audition.  We had to write something about a time when we were having trouble.  I was thinking back to my first days here in the Big Apple.  What do you think?
Nancy:  Well ... you definitely had me convinced that you were in trouble.  But ... ummm, didn’t you just get here like 3 days ago?
Gloria:  Yeah ... that’s probably why it came to me so easily ... because the experience was so fresh.  It was really hard that first day ... But, I’m so glad that I had Jesus to help me through.
Nancy:  You know, Gloria, maybe you could use your trust in Jesus as an example for your audience of what faith looks like.
Gloria:  Hey ... that’s a good idea.  What if I wrote something about how Jesus helped me?  About how I can trust Him?
Nancy:  That’s an excellent idea!  Today our tourists are going to learn about the ABC’s of becoming a Christian.  Have you ever heard about the ABC’s?  Maybe you could work that into your poem?
Gloria:  The ABC’s?  Yeah ... let’s see ... “If you know your ABC’s, You can trust in Jesus, too: Admit, Believe, Confess your faith, And Jesus will stick by ... your side real close.”  (looks to Nancy with a smile)
Nancy:  It’s really close, Gloria.  I think you have the right idea ... you just need to work on that rhyming again.
Gloria:  (sighs)  It’s harder than it looks to be a true poet, Sometimes the words get stuck, don’t you know it?  (walks off stage)
Nancy:  Gloria ... you just rhymed.  Just now.  Gloria?  Oh well ... such drama.


We would appreciate your prayers as we negotiate the closing rally and the checking-out process.  It's a tad bit crazy to get all 190+ tourist back to their parents in an orderly fashion.  Here's hoping our new plan works well! :)

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