Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Connecting With Love

Wow!  God' blessed our socks off yesterday by sending us 190 kids!  That would be 36 more kids than we had planned on as our "dream high" number.  Socks.  Blessed.  Off.  And in the midst of the traffic jam of kids at the BIG APPLE ... we had a lot of fun!  Amazing leaders.  Fantastic youth.  Servant-hearted volunteers.  Socks.  Blessed.  Off.  Again.

We are headed back today for another wild morning.  Keep praying!  We need energy, quick transitions from rotation to rotation, energy, enough supplies, energy, good times to connect with the kids and ... energy.  But, it's good to be poured out and exhausted for God - truly satisfying in your soul to be able to say ... "Okay, Jesus ... it's up to You."

Of course, Gloria and Nancy will be back for some more antics.  The kids got a kick out of her failure to rhyme.  I heard a few kids shouting, "frown" as I walked off stage.  At least they got it!

Poor Gloria ... will she forever be rhyme-challenged? :)


Day 2
Nancy is trying to tidy up her messy news stand, Gloria walks onstage absorbed in a book.  She plops down on the park bench, ignoring Nancy’s obvious need for help.

Nancy:  This place is a pig sty!  It was windy and then rainy and then windy again and I have papers everywhere!!  If only I had an extra set of hands to help me.  (glances at Gloria)  I said, “If only I had an extra set of hands to help me!”
Gloria:  (startled from behind her book) What?  Did you say something?
Nancy:  Yes, I said, “If only I had an extra set of hands to help me.”
Gloria:  (laughs) Oh ... well that would be weird.  Extra hands?  Where would they come out of?  Out of your feet?  Hey, that could be another poem!  “Extra hands to help you out.  To make your place look neat.  Where would these helper hands come from?  Maybe out of your ankles.”  Ankles?  No, that’s not right.
Nancy: (exasperated)  Gloria ... you have two extra hands that could help me.
Gloria:  Me?  Oh ... right.  I guess so ... it’s just that I was reading this book on “How to Prepare for Your Big Apple Audition” and well ... you know.  I’m kinda busy.
Nancy:  Well, I see that, but it would sure be an extra help to me if you could lend me a hand ... and I know that it would make Jesus happy, too.
Gloria:  What?  How would my helping you out make Jesus happy?
Nancy:  Have you ever heard about the lady in the Bible who showed Jesus love by washing His feet?  She loved Jesus by serving Him and that made Him happy.  In the same way, when we do things for other people by serving them, sharing our things or honoring our parents, Jesus is happy.
Gloria:  Wow!  Well when you put it that way.  I’d love to help you out!  (Starts organizing papers.)  Hey ... I feel another poem coming on!  “Jesus loves when we help our friends,  He really thinks it’s neat, Whether sharing or serving or lending a hand, Or even washing their ... uh, tootsies.”  What do you think?
Nancy:  Well ... it’s pretty catchy.  Can you take this stuff to the recycling for me?  Thanks ...  (shakes her head, laughing)


Who else will join us this morning?  I don't know ... but I'm certain God will be there!

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