Friday, June 3, 2011

Food For Thought ... Revisited

In light of the sheer nuttiness of the Kellum Clan, this Friday we are going to revisit a yummy post from last summer.

I was reminded of this recipe when my neighbor's grandma showed up at our door yesterday with an enormous bag of fresh spinach from their garden.  Enormous.  Knowing that we were going out of town and even Brett and I, the spinach lovers that we are, couldn't get through it in a day ... I had to salvage it somehow.

Ah-ha!  Pesto!

Now we have a large tub of spinach pesto, some leftover salad from last night and a few leaves left-over.  Not too bad!

Here is my post from last August for making your own pesto with basil .... or your neighbors spinach!

Enjoy ....

Pesto ... on Everything!

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