Friday, June 17, 2011

Connecting with Life

Well ... the tour of the BIG APPLE ends today!  What a fun and wild week it's been!

Today our tourists will learn that Jesus has big plans for their lives and that He can do big things through them ... even if they're little.

It's going to be a great day filled with music, munchies and mayhem!!  For the Friday Traffic Jam (the closing rally) each of the age groups gets to sing one of the songs for their parents and recite a verse.  Then at the end of the morning, our tourists and their families can join together for a picnic lunch and slip-n-slide fun!  It's a great tradition!

As promised, Gloria and Nancy have their final visit ... with a sweet, silly surprise!


Day 5
Nancy is organizing her news stand.  Looks up at audience.

Nancy:  Hey there.  Guess what ... I have some good news!  Gloria went to her audition yesterday and she sent me this video.  Do you want to see it?  All right ... let me see if I can load it up for you on the big screen ... hmmmm .... there it is.

Nancy:  Well, there you have it.  Keep your eyes open for Gloria in the next big Broadway hit ... I think Jesus has big plans for that kid!  And today at VBS you all get to learn how to live for Jesus, too, because He has big plans for you as well.


My family and I are connecting with life ... and each other ... in our van right now.  We are heading out for a long day of driving.  Lincoln, Nebraska ... here we come!

I will be enjoying a little break from the blogosphere ... but there are plenty of old snapshots that you can enjoy while I'm gone.  And then when I get back, be ready to hear about ....

the Kellums and our water slide marathon,
what happens to kids when they've been in a van for 2.5 days,
if indeed we can "Face the Cookie" during our Family Minute to Win It night, 
And more ...

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  1. Love it! You both did a great job on your skits. I loved watching them! Love you!


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