Monday, June 13, 2011

Connecting with Faith

This week is VBS ... we're headed to the BIG APPLE!  It is a fun-filled week ... emphasis on the "filled" part!

I thought it would be fun to share a series of skits that I put together for the opening rally each morning.  A silly way to get the kids excited for the day, introduce the day's theme and get a few laughs.  At least, that's the goal!  With kids you have to be willing to put aside your pride and be a bit goofy ... much to my own kids' pending embarrassment.

My friend Beth agreed to be a bit silly with me.  She is playing the roll of Nancy and she runs Nancy's Good Newsstand.  In her New York accent, she'll sell you a newspaper, magazine or a bottle of water ... and also help you solve your life's problems by pointing you back to Jesus.

I am playing the roll of Gloria ... a Broadway wannabe.  (I considered naming her "Camille" after the famous silent screen actress/drama queen of whom I was also nicknamed as a small child ... I can't imagine why ...)  My "look" involves a feather boa, ginormous sunglasses and my sparkly, purple bag.  I am hoping to make it big at the BIG APPLE!

This week we'll enjoy some snapshots of (my made up) life in New York inspired by one of my favorite movies.

This is truly one of my favorite flicks,
Two men famous for slap-stick and gaffes.
Following their lead and playing along,
And hoping to hear lots of ... giggles.

Yep ... it's that good!

Day 1

Nancy is working at her news stand, Gloria walks onstage working on poem.
Gloria:  “New York, New York!  You never let me down, You gave me a smile, In place of a .... hmmm ... I got it!  A pouty face!”
Nancy: Uh, Gloria ... what are you doing?
Gloria:  Oh ... I’m just working on a poem for an upcoming audition.  We’re supposed to have an original piece to share with the director.  Something about how the Big Apple has changed our lives!  What do you think?
Nancy:  Well ... it’s nice, but ... it didn’t rhyme.
Gloria:  It didn’t?  Smile .... Pouty face ... huh.  I guess your right.  Oh nooooo .... I’ll never make it to Broadway!  Never ever, ever, ever, ever!  (dramatically drops to the park bench)
Nancy: (sitting beside Gloria) Gloria ... come on now.  Don’t be so dramatic.  And don’t be so hard on yourself.  With a little work and a little faith in Jesus, I’m sure you can do it.
Gloria: (sniffy loudly)  Do you really think so?
Nancy:  Yes.  You know, our tourists today are going to learn about someone from the Bible who had faith that Jesus could do anything and Jesus proved him right!
Gloria:  Well, I have faith in Jesus.  Maybe Jesus will help me with this poem.
Nancy:  That’s the spirit!  Now you keep working on rhyming and then come back by later.  I’d love to hear what you and Jesus come up with.
Gloria: Okay!  Let’s see ... “New York, New York!  You never let me down, You gave me a smile, In place of a ... grumpy look?”  No ... that’s not it ... (walks off stage mumbling to herself...)
Nancy:  (chuckles) ... Gloria, Gloria ... oh, my ...


More tomorrow ... I'm afraid it only gets worse better from here!

I'd appreciate your prayers for this week ... good health, unlimited energy, connecting with the kids, lots of time to talk, sing, eat, craft, play and learn about Jesus and FUN!

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