Monday, November 14, 2011

Time-Warp Wednesday ~ Lydia Turns 3

Well, little Weeda ... this is it.  It's your last week to be two.  Starting on Saturday, you will officially be three.  And just when you finally figured out how to get those other three fingers to stay down so your thumb and pointer finger could show us you were two!  Now you have to tuck those two digits down and let the other three free ... yep, that's three!  So tricky, but you are growing into a big girl who can do those big girl things.

Actually ... there are a lot of things your almost three-year old self can do that you didn't used to be able to do.  When you were this big ...

Week 1 with my little Weeda

... you couldn't really do anything, but eat, sleep and fill your diaper.  But now that you are all grown up, you can do lots of great and wonderful things!

You can use your fork and spoon so well.  I know you still prefer to use your fingers, but you're getting the hang of it!  One of these days, we will get through an entire meal without you picking at it with your fingers.

You use the potty like a big girl and you even wash your hands.  You are a really good bubble maker.  And yes, your Mommy is so happy that you don't do pee-pee or poopy in your pants anymore.

You can sing songs, just like Ashley.  I love to hear your sweet little voice singing "Jesus Loves Me" and "ABC".  Even if you get the words are jumble-bumbled up, it's still sweet music to my ears.

You love to look at books.  And I love to see you sitting by the library shelf, surrounded by piles of books, studying the pictures and turning the pages so carefully.  You treat our books so gently.

You are a super-duper helper with Baby S.  You are so good at fetching my burp rags and diapers.  
You are also a good friend to her ... she loves when you talk to her in your squeaky, teeny-tiny voice.

You make me so proud when you fetch your coat and shoes all by yourself.  I love that you can be big like that because it makes my day so much easier.  And when you dress yourself crazy in the morning ... that makes me super happy!  So independent!  Even if you have nothing that matches and both socks are on the same foot ... you did it all yourself.

You can toodle around the culdesac on your little pink bike.  Granted, it appears that you are biking in slow motion, your feet are moving so slow.  But ... give you a few months and you'll be racing around the bend and chasing Ashley up the driveway!

You brush your own teeth so well.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Your little teeth are so shiny when you're done, even though I think there might be more sucking and spitting that actual brushing.  Thanks for letting Mommy & Daddy help keep your smile sparkly.

You are a super-star at getting your shoes on all by yourself.  Of course you had trouble getting the right tootsies into the right shoes, but you have figured it out and now you have a 87% success rate.  Awesome!  Of course, right now your shoes are wonky, but next time you'll get it right!

You say your own little prayers at bedtime.  I love to hear your sweet Amen at the end of your tender prayer ... even if I'm unsure of what you actually said.  Gratefully, God knows what you say!

You laugh and smile and giggle and squeal and snicker and grin and chuckle and shriek and sparkle and shine ...

Week 156 with my not-so-little Weeda

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Lydia!  
You make my heart so happy!

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