Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankfulness {day seven}

Last week the kids were off school.  And, consequently, off balance!

It is glorious to have a break from the daily routine, to toss the schedule out the window and shake things up a bit!  I really do love when my kids are home for a break.  Our mornings are slower - no need to bustle and tussle out the door at eight thirty.   We set the course of the day - no one else's schedule dictating our mornings, afternoons and evenings.  We play a bit more - less "should-do's" and more "want-to's".

But all that freedom can make our household run a little off-kilter.  That's when it's doubly sweet to jump back into the predictable, plot able, programable plan each day.  Discovering again that a little routine goes a long way towards having a happy home!

Yesterday I sent the three big kids back to school.  They almost skipped out the door and I happily hummed as I watched them drive away.  Then I closed the door and smiled.  I still had two little people to care for, but as they quietly played and slept, I was able to put our home back on track.

It went a little something like this ...

Selecting "Christmas Medley" on my iPod,
Washing the breakfast dishes and wiping down kitchen counters,
Rummaging through the kitchen for all the parts for dinner,
Cleaning Petey's cage and refreshing all his dishes and water,
Sweeping the kitchen floor,
Taking down Lydia's birthday decorations (finally),
Stacking all the clean laundry for kids to put away,
Answering e-mails and leaving messages,
Making phone calls and wrapping up loose ends,
Helping Lydia with her new puzzle,
Freeing our Christmas tree from it's netting,
Filling the tree stand with water,
Vacuuming up the first of those pesky pine needles,
Feeding and cuddling Baby S.,
Snuggling with Lydia on the couch,
Preparing lunch for us girls ...

The beautiful humdrum of life!

It may have seemed like just an ordinary morning, but in reality it was sacred.  The holiness of haven-making ... creating a shelter for my family!

Today I am thankful for the natural rhythm of our lives and the opportunity to be home with my kids ... allowing me to make this a place of refuge and refreshment.

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