Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seven Wonders

Someday I hope to travel and see the world; see those amazing wonders of the world that take your breath away!  For now, I will settle for the wonders of my own world ... the wonders that breathe life into my mothering.

Here are this week's Seven Wonders of My World ... they change on a regular basis:
  1. All the laundry washed, folded and put away.  Empty hampers and no stiff and stinky socks hiding in cushions or undies forgotten behind bedroom doors.  All the clothes are clean ... for about 5 more minutes.  No wait ... somebody already changed into a leotard.  I wonder when I'll get all the clothes clean again.
  2. Six of us sitting around the kitchen table and everyone enjoying our dinner.  All of us eating, smiling and asking for seconds.  No chorus of, "I don't like that."  No pouting about sneaky veggies or spicy sauce.  Happy full bellies and a Mommy who wants to say, "Of course you can have dessert!  You ate so well!"  Mommy getting to be the treat-giver instead of the food-meanie.  I wonder about tomorrow night's dinner ... not as promising.
  3. Hysterical laughter from my kids as we read Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein.  It's so run to fead this book together and hear their gazy criggles.  Fo sun to see the bight lulb come on when they pigure out the fuzzle!  Any time laughing with my wids is a konder.  I wonder what will make them chuckle next.
  4. Playing games as a family and giggling as Lydia entertains us with her antics.  Maybe it's Pictionary and she's nodding happily as she scribbles a line.  Is it a frog?  "Yes!"  Or maybe it's Charades and she blurts out her answer just after her pow-wow with Brett.  Or better yet, everything can be acted out and guessed accurately when you run around in a circle, flapping your arms and sticking out your tongue.  Is it a bowl of popcorn?  "Yes!"  I wonder what's going on in her little head.
  5. Freshly painted toes on my soft and lotioned feet at the end of my (finally) shaved legs after a hot and uninterrupted shower.  No helpers, no peekers, no rush, no need to save a drop of my hot water for anyone else and no where to go but into my jammies.  I wonder when the next time will be that I get a shower.
  6. Peeking in on my kids before heading to bed and gazing at their peaceful faces ... and crazily contorted bodies.  It is a mystery to me how they can sleep so soundly while twisted and pretzled in their covers.  They are quiet, but their joints and muscles are crying out to me, "Ouch!"  I wonder if I will have any night-time visitors informing me of their need for a drink of water.
  7. Climbing into bed at night.  Snuggled in flannel sheets with our down comforter wrapping me in warmth.  Being aware of that good fatigue that I feel in my muscles from a full-day done well.  Quiet talking with Brett, reading a bit from one of my many books stashed on my night stand and feeling myself drop off to sleep.  I wonder what tomorrow holds ...


Prompt #1 ~ List your life's Seven Wonders.  For an added bonus ... here's Prompt #4 ~ My Prom Dress. 

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  1. Now these are the kind of Wonders I like best!

  2. I especially love #4...sooooo visual!

  3. I love your take on the Seven Wonders! I miss those times - thanks for helping me relive when my kids were small! (We'll just not think about those full laundry hampers ...)

  4. Love your list. I am all about #'s 1 & 5. Especially #5.

    Now following from Mama Kat :)

  5. Pretzeled is a word? J/k! I think the same thing when they are in bed... how can they sleep like that?!


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