Thursday, November 10, 2011


I really want to say "Thanks!"
You've given me such help.
Taking on the screen-time strain,
Stopping my nag and my yelp!

Now I just type in some numbers,
With a beep and a boop and a beep,
I'm off to do laundry or cleaning
And my Mommy-mouth makes not a peep.

Instead of me nagging and whining
When the screen time should come to an end,
I'll let you do all the reminding,
Oh, Kitchen Timer, you are my friend!

What's that?  Of course, you're great, too!
You're one of my handiest gadgets.
Not only do you keep my food fresh,
But you also connect with my magnets.

You are stuffed of good things to eat,
On you, all my veggies depend,
The milk, cheese and butter are cold
Refrigerator, you are my friend!

Oh, please, please, please, do not grumble!
Of course, you are important, too.
Without your scrubbers and sprayers,
I'd be scouring and feeling so blue!

I delight in loading your racks,
Plates, cups and bowls turned upend,
Forks, spoons, and knives to be cleaned
By you, Dishwasher, my friend.

I hear whining from behind the door
Your wails can be heard upstairs.
You know you are precious, too.
And I'm grateful you came as a pair.

You wash all our grubbies so well
And leave them fluffed and dry at the end.
No need to beat them on rocks,
Washer-n-Dryer, you are my friend.

Oh brother, are you whining, too?
You see action most every day!
Nuking our lunches and dinner,
Watching food rotate round on your tray.

You're essential when it's time to cook.
But I'm even more grateful to send,
My coffee and tea for a reheat,
Yes, Microwave, you are my friend.

Did I hear you let out a groan?
Now this is getting absurd!
From you Cuisinart food processor,
I don't want to hear another word!

I'm grateful for each of my helpers,
Whether you clean or toast or blend,
But this is feeling like high school ...
Why can't you each be my friend?!?

Prompt #4 ~ Write a poem where the last two words are "my friend".  It's possible that I need to get out and be social with some actual people! :)  But in reality, without these sweet friends, I would never have a social life.  I'd be too busy hauling water from the creek and heating it in the fireplace!

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. So cute! Don't tell the others, but the dishwasher is my favorite.

  2. Absolutely lovely! Your "friends" and my "friends" should hang out together sometime. I just bought a new mini-espresso maker and he's having trouble fitting in with the rest of the gang...maybe if we had a party, he'd "liven" up a bit? :-)

  3. Nothing like appliances vying for the best friend spot!

  4. Envious that you have a dishwasher! For now, my microwave is my favorite.


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