Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankfulness {day five}

Today is the day when a good number of our country's population flood the stores and fill their carts with loads of toys, clothes, electronics and other gift items all at rock bottom prices.  (Actually I guess they started last night, which ranks right up there with crazy and absurd.)

Today is the day when I ponder not actually getting dressed.  I mean, I'll probably change out of my pajamas, but I'll most likely end up in something else equally comfy.  (Getting dressed with the sole purpose of lounging around ranks right up there with silly and foolish.)

I am actually quite intentional about having a wardrobe that doesn't just consist of knit pants and sloppy shirts.  I feel better about me when I wear flattering clothing ... jeans that fit and slim me down in all the right places with a top that not only compliments my figure, but enhances the good parts.

But on days like today, I'm intending to forgo fashion and enjoy a little something comfy.  My anticipated outfit of today consists of my GoodWill-found, coffee-colored fleece pants.  The tag says, "Old Navy".  I say, "Favorite pants ever."  They are warm, cushy and their elastic waist band will make my midsection oh-so-happy today ... just in case Thanksgiving dinner takes an encore!

I also packed my newish knit poncho.  This is my slightly more fashionable and significantly more functional Snuggie.  I'm not entirely certain what Stacy & Clinton would say about this addition to my wardrobe.  I think it's cute and I love how I feel five degrees warmer within a few moments of putting it on!  And when I go to the kitchen for another cup of tea, I don't have to unwrap first or drag it along behind me.

It's not so much that I'm thankful for my couch potato clothes, but I am grateful that today is a day to be a couch potato.  An extra family day this week without a schedule to keep!  I would love to find a verse hidden away somewhere in Isaiah that encourages us to take one day to stay in our comfyiest of clothes ... but alas, my concordance doesn't turn up any such wisdom.

Neither could I find any Scripture references to setting aside a day to play Wii, work on a puzzle, nosh on Thanksgiving leftovers and spend most of the day curled up on the couch.  But I still think God will bless it!

Here's to taking time to recharge ... in our comfy-est clothes in the closet!

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