Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weeda Mae

Raw Christian

Ten minutes to share a funny story ... here goes!

Our baby's name is Lydia Rachel.  So why is it that she also answers to Weeda Mae?  That's a good question.

One day, back when she was just a wee one, the kids and I were running errands around town.  Poor Lydia was beyond done and had resorted to whimpers and wails from the middle of the van.  Our third born was strapped into her car seat next to Lydia and in her sweet two-year old bigness, she was attempting to console and comfort her baby sister.

"It's okay Weeda Mae.  It's okay," she sang sweetly.  She shhhed and patted her little sissy and repeated her little mantra.

I hated to interrupt her loving response to Lydia's distress, but I felt it was important that she was clear about everybody's name.

"Sweetie, you are such a big sister.  But, your middle name is Mae.  Ashley Mae.  Lydia's middle name is Rachel.  Her name is Lydia Rachel."

Silence from the back ... except for Lydia's persistent crying ... and then:

"It's okay, Weeda Mae Wachow, it's okay."

I guess that's what you get when give your baby a name with r's and l's ... two letters your other kiddo can't pronounce.  We eventually taught Ashley how to say her sissy's name, but we didn't have to teach her how to love her sissy.  She's always had that down pat.

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  1. Aren't they great? Before my younger son could pronounce his big brother Eric's name, he called him "Kiki." Yep, those "R's" are the worst.


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