Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lydia's Bubble Shooter

O my sweet bubble gun,
You are just a bundle of fun!
Everyday you bring me such joy,
Yes! You are my favorite toy!

One day we stopped off at Wal-Mart,
I hitched a ride on my mommy's cart.
Yahoo!  Now it was finally time
To spend my collection of nickels and dimes.

Rainbow Play-Doh I didn't pick.
My Little Pony just didn't click.
But in the last aisle on the bottom shelf,
Was a cardboard box I could reach myself.

And there you were.

To my childish and utter delight,
With a click of a trigger danced a twinkle of lights!
And a gazillion bubbles frolicked in the air,
Just like the packaging told me ... right here.

So I sit all day on my front porch,
Holding my gun like the Olympic torch.
Sparkling lights and a myriad of bubbles,
Help to keep me out of many a trouble.

You're soapy, slimy and slippery, for sure,
But against my addiction there is no known cure.
I'll giggle, squeal, laugh and shout,
Until all the magical juice runs out.

Then I'll fill you again.


#4 - Write a poem about your child's favorite toy.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Fun poem, and very creative. Blowing bubbles, shooting bubbles, anything bubbles.. is the best kind of play!

  2. I am soooo happy right now : ) That little Liddy is a lucky girl!!! xoxox

  3. Wonderful poem, wonderful toy. I still love bubbles!

  4. Great picture of Lydia! Bubbles are pretty awesome.

  5. love the poem and the shot. I think Lydia is happy with her purchase. kaye—the road goes ever ever on


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