Monday, September 24, 2012

Parking Panache

My husband has a special ability, a gift that was passed down from his father, I think.

We call it, "The Kellum Parking Gene."

Without fail, no matter how busy or full a parking lot might be, Brett will undoubtedly find a space right by the front door.  We might be headed to Target on the Saturday afternoon before school starts and on the second pass through the parking aisles, he will come up on a spot that just opened up.  For him.  We might be needing to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart and while other cars are circling and circumnavigating the parking lot, Brett zips into the spot at the front that just became available.  For him.

This happens with such regularity that my mom and sister have been known to comment on his parking panache.  Countless times as we ladies have been out shopping together, we have mentioned how much closer we would have parked if Brett were along.  He's just that dependable.

Several weeks ago, the two big girls and I were headed to Kohl's for some shopping.  It was a Sunday afternoon and the store was busy.  Even as we pulled into the parking lot, we could see that half of town had showed up to take advantage of the 20% off sale.  I started my typical parking lot meandering, driving up and down the aisles looking for an available space.  A few times the girls hollered out that we had just missed someone pulling out of a space or they groaned as we arrived too late to a recently available and then unavailable spot.  Eventually, I resigned myself to parking in the boonies and headed to the far end of the lot.  As we pulled into the parking space, Ashley quipped from the back, "Too bad we don't have Dad's parking spirit in the car with us.  Now we have to walk."

I chuckled, but at the same time I was struck by the spiritual lesson "parked" in the midst of that comment.  In reality, Brett does not have the spiritual gift of parking.  He just has terrific timing and a whole lotta luck.

But as Christians, we do have the joy and privilege of having God's Holy Spirit with us every minute of every day.  One of my favorite names in the Bible for Jesus is Emmanuel, "God with us."  We can settle into His presence and enjoy His comfort, guidance and counsel on a moment by moment basis no matter where we are or what we are doing.

He promises to be with us ... whether we're working or playing.  Or searching for a parking space.

Happy birthday to Brett ... I love you.  And not just for your parking gene!


  1. Happy Birthday, Brett, the parking genius : ) Hope you have a great day! xoxox

  2. Happy birthday to Brett! My dad and his cousin both have the parking luck too - it's crazy! I just intentionally park in the boonies so I walk more, unless I feel like crap that day. Part of that is due to my acceptance that I do not have the parking luck...or any other kind of luck, generally ;)


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