Friday, September 21, 2012

Get a Clue

Maggie added cream to her mug and slowly stirred the caramel-colored coffee.   She put down the spoon and absently began to twist one unruly curl around her finger.  She twiddled with her pencil, bouncing the eraser off the table top.  Her mind obviously elsewhere.

"Hmmm.  Do the 49ers play at Candlestick Park?"


She filled each square, carefully writing in capital letters and went back to her stirring her coffee.

She yawned and stretched, a cool breeze drifted through the patio screen door.  Maggie sighed, settled back into her chair and kicked off her slippers.  She propped her chin on her hand and rested her elbow on the table.

Three Down - Library classification system.

She tapped her pencil on her chin and counted the available blocks.  Carefully she printed, "D-E-W-E-Y".

"I think I need more coffee," she said with a laugh.  "Apparently my brain's still asleep."

Maggie blew on her mug and took a sip, the perfect mixture of coffee and cream.  She picked up the bagel on her plate and took a bite.  Licking cream cheese off her fingertips, she picked up her pencil again and tapped it against her chin.

"Eight down is, 'One of six original Clue characters.'  Seven letters, ends in 'T'."

"I'd say, Scarlet.  Did you play that game as a kid?  My brother was ruthless.  Are you finished with the business section?"

Maggie passed the newspaper to her husband.  "Can I warm up your coffee, Love?"


Linking up with The Red Dress Club.  This week's prompt:  250 words honoring the game of Clue - three of which have to be candlestick, library and scarlet.


  1. Great little piece - a very inventive way to get in the words AND refer back to the original clue!I think my concrit would be that it is tough to see the husband in this picture. We know he is there, through the unattributed dialogue, but the scene is so focused on Maggie, you wonder who it is she speaks to, or if she is just speaking out loud!

    I want a bagel, now. :)

  2. Sigh. Back before kids my husband and I used to laze around and do the crossword puzzles. Now we scribble answers all through the day, if we even manage to find the time for that! I like the easy and casual way you showed us their relaxation and comfort with each other.

  3. I love this! This is so well written and so much fun. I love how we just felt so at ease with them and totally in her mind with her. And the Clue reference is fun, too. :) Great piece.

  4. Nice way of working the prompt words into an entirely different scene and yet keeping the reference to the original Clue game. I like the cozy, relaxed scene you painted.

  5. Cozy, pleasant morning scene. Excellent job with the prompt!

  6. Cute. Echoing many of the comments above. All the images and actions you incorporated in the first para are really good--very evocative. They could use a little smoothing in flow, though, and the last sentence is a fragment.

  7. This sounds like a great morning. I liked how you worked the words in. It's so obvious but works really well for this piece.

  8. Her brain seems pretty awake to me! Nicely done.


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