Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation Snapshots #4

After we made it home from Steamboat (acquiring a stunning collection of two, four, six and eight-wheeled vehicles), we landed for a few days, tackled several loads of laundry, played with our long-missed toys and recharged before heading to Ouray for the Fourth of July.

After the successful liberation of our van from our garage (see that post about our unexpected imprisonment next week) we loaded up again and headed south.  And joined in another riveting game of My Car, Your Car, of course.

This year we had the delight of staying with long-time family friends to enjoy the holiday which proved be our new favorite tradition.  Brett and I both remarked later on in the day about what a relaxing and truly enjoyable day it ended up being ... as opposed to rushed, crazy, tiring ... our usual July 4th modus operandi.

Here's a little idea of how this day was different, and consequently, superior:

The Usual:                                        
Stay in Montrose.
Sleep wherever you fit. (14 people in 3 bedrooms ... you can do the math).
Cram in breakfast.
Ponder what to feed kids later.
Drive like crazy to Ouray.
The clock ticks too quickly, drive faster.
Stuck in traffic.
Search for parking.
Park in the boonies.
Walk forever. And ever.
Find parade just in time.

This Year:
Stay in Ouray.
Sleep in tents. (14 people in 4 tents ... a little better odds for actual sleep.)
Mosey over for the Search & Rescue Breakfast.
Watch Aaron eat his weight in pancakes and sausage.
Mosey back to the yard.
Mosey down to the parade route.
Claim seats on the curb.
Take pictures of each other.
Visit with other tourists.
Sunscreen kids.
Enjoy the parade.

... And it just got better and better as the day went on!

Add to that leisurely morning the fact that we were spending time with some of our favorite Ouray people and we just couldn't have planned it any better.

When we weren't participating in the traditional July 4th festivities, it was wonderful to enjoy the company of such dear friends.  While the kids played in the yard, we reminisced about swim meets and childhood adventures, laughed about parenting challenges and caught up on life.  It was a delight to have time together with sweet friends and to watch our kids play together and become sweet friends.

We've already placed our reservation for next summer ...

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