Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vacation Snapshot #2


That elusive and coveted past-time of vacations.

While I do love to succumb to a mid-afternoon snooze, it rarely happens what with all the kids and their unified refusal to nap.  Or stop moving.

So on our recent trip to Steamboat, it was with great joy (and abandon) that I took two naps.  Two blissful naps while kids read, played games and generally stayed out of trouble.  (Except for the one time when I sleepily and rather grumpily demanded that they stop jumping from the spiral staircase steps.  Thud!)

For my nap on Saturday, my goal was two-fold:  catch a few winks and help Lydia to do the same.

As I ushered our youngest little whiner to the condo's king-sized bed, she sniffled and sniveled about not being tired, not needing a nap and not wanting to lay down.  Yeah.  Right.

We snuggled down into our pillows and Liddy continued to moan and groan about wanting to go play. I sleepily assured her that we would only lay down for a few minutes and mm-hmmed her plaintive pleas to get up soon.

Soon she was quietly laying on her back, periodically sighing.  I reached over to lay my hand on her belly and she gripped my fingers in her own little hand.

And that's how I woke up.

Snuggling my little sweetie and holding hands.  And drooling together.

A definite highlight of my vacation!

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  1. Daily naps are my guilty pleasure.

    And napping whilst on vacation? Win/win!

    Visiting from SITS :)


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