Tuesday, July 31, 2012

small things {raindrops}

small things #53 ... raindrops

We live in the desert.

It's hot.  It's dry.  It's dusty.

But right now, at this very moment, I am listening to the pitter patter of raindrops.  Through the screen on my patio door comes the sweet music of a gentle rain.  Little drops that tap dance down the green awning of the gazebo.  Larger drops that plop down from the leaves of the cottonwood tree overhead.  Dripping rain gutters and a smattering of drips and drops along the concrete.

My LeLe poked her head out of her room a few minutes ago.  "Can you turn off my fan?"


As I clicked off the hard-to-reach whirring fan, she smiled from her pillow.  "Now I can hear the rain."

A girl after my own heart.

The rain clouds move on leaving behind pitch black asphalt in the cul-de-sac, pocketed with puddles.  Out front the flower pots are filled to the brim with rain and drippy leaves and flowers cradle the coveted moisture, refreshed by the sudden shower.  Along the back of the house, trickling rain gutters run along the eaves, echoing the recent storm.  I hear the slush and slosh of cars on the road, kicking up spray as they drive on.  A cool breeze blows through the screens, heavily scented with the fresh rainfall.

Is the storm over?

Not yet ... I hear a renewed rumble of thunder and the pitter patter of the rain has begun to build again.  What joy this chorus of drips and drops, slushes and sloshes, plips and plops brings!

Raindrops ... much needed moisture for our desert and a much desired melody in the midst of this hot and dry and dusty summer.

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  1. i love the sound and smell of rain. aaaaaaaaah...


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