Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still, Still, Still

Happy Sunday!

Do you have your Holiday to-do list ready ... with those satisfying little checkboxes?
Do you have your shopping list mapped out by store ... and by gift recipient?
Do you have your 20% coupon for Kohl's in your wallet ... and their Night Owls and Early Bird hours sketched out?
Do you have all your ingredients sitting on the counter ready for cookies ... and and cutesy little tins for all your yummy goodies?
Do you have your bag of wrapping supplies ... tape, ribbon, wrapping paper, tissue paper, extra fingers?
Do you have your house fulling decorated, inside and out ... spruced and ready in case a photographer from Real Simple stops by?

Yeah ... me neither.

It's terribly tempting to take today to knock out any number of Getting-Ready-for-Christmas-Tasks.  With Brett home (and the Broncos playing) I could easily tackle cleaning, make a few gift purchases and even work on my adorable snowflake garland that is stuffed in a folder and stuffed in my pantry.  And maybe I could sneak upstairs and wrap a few items so our tree doesn't look so empty.  And maybe just one batch of cookies ... and some chocolate dipped pretzels.

Uh-oh.  See what happened there?  My Sunday went from a day of resting and enjoying some family time to a day of frenetic, frantic, festive flurriness!

It's time to be still.  Maybe this will help.  Take just a few minutes, listen to this song and read along the words ... and be still.

Still, Still, Still

Still, still, still,
One can hear the falling snow.
For all is hushed,
The world is sleeping,
Holy Star its vigil keeping.
Still, still, still,
One can hear the falling snow.

Sleep, sleep, sleep,
'Tis the eve of our Saviour's birth.
The night is peaceful all around you,
Close your eyes,
Let sleep surround you.
Sleep, sleep, sleep,
'Tis the eve of our Saviour's birth.

Dream, dream, dream,
Of the joyous day to come.
While guardian angels without number,
Watch you as you sweetly slumber.
Dream, dream, dream,
Of the joyous day to come. 

Better?  Me, too. 

Now it's time to look at today a little differently.  Those Christmasy details aren't bad all by themselves. It's when we attach to those fun and special traditions a long train of ought's, should's and we'dbetter's, that things take a turn for the worse.

Don't miss understand me - It's not wrong to do any of those things today!  Just as long as we have the right attitude and the right perspective ...

Transforming your house into a Christmas cottage because it brings you joy ... and blesses those who enjoy its coziness.

Baking delightful tidbits because it makes your heart happy ... and you love to share these delicious treats of Christmas with your loved ones.  And the mail carrier.  And me.

Wrapping presents with an abundance of ribbon and flair because the presentation is precious to you ... and you love the look on the recipient's face when they say, "For me?!"

Buying the perfect presents for your family and friends because your love language is gifts ... and you want to spread that love around.

There is great joy in fulfilling the traditions of the season.  Just maybe not all them.  When we try to do it all, it's too easy for us to fall into seeing Christmas as a task to accomplish.  A conveyor belt of Holiday hassle!

Instead, let's be still.  Let's keep our eyes on the "Holy Star its vigil keeping".  Let's keep our heart close to the manger and "our Savior's birth".  Let's anticipate this "joyous day to come"!  Let's each of us celebrate this Christmas in our own way ... the way that brings us each the most joy.

And remember to keep it simple.  With plenty of time to be still and to sleep and to dream.

I'm off to take a nap.

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  1. My hubby and I did that mostly this past Sunday as we enjoyed our 12th Anniversary without the kiddeos. Thank you for the great truth in this blog.


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