Monday, December 5, 2011

Deck the Halls

Today is day six of my Musical Count-Down to Christmas and I have another old favorite to share with you.  Bing is back to sing "Deck the Halls", complete with a silly little wintery video:

Lyrics | - Deck the Halls lyrics

Inevitably, when I hear this song, I envision the final scene of "A Christmas Story".  The family has found their way to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner following the tragic destruction of their turkey dinner by the Bumpus hounds.  In a generous effort to cheer the family, the wait staff are attempting to sing Christmas songs.  The Parker family is in absolute stitches over the singers "fa-ra-ra-ra-ra-ing".  So I guess they were successful!

As I listened to this song today, I was caught up again in all the "la, la's".  And there are a lot of them.  Ninety-six, to be exact.

By the third verse, I'm a bit wore out from "la-ing".  We "la" and "la" and "la" some more.  Over and over and over again.

As a mom, I find myself in much the same way repeating tasks and feeling a tad bit worn out by them.

I wash dishes and then turn around to find the sink full again.
I go to the grocery store only to find the fridge empty.  And bright.
I fold the last of the laundry and find the hamper has begun to fill again.
I vacuum the floor and discover that nature has found its way back in.
I prepare a meal and within four hours those kids are hungry again!
I suds up little Lydia in the bath and find her toes are stinky once more.
I cut Aaron's hair and within a few weeks it's curling over his ears again.
I snuggle Ashley as she grieves some new injustice and then find Norah in need of a hug.
I make my bed and then climb in again at night.
I go to sleep only to wake up in the morning to face another day.

La, la, la, la, la ... indeed!

It is tempting at times to look around the house and think that my efforts are in vain.  Does it really matter if I tackle these tasks day after day?!?  In spite of the apparent redundancy of my energies, it does matter.  A lot.

My day may be full of ordinary and oft-repeated tasks, but they are the backbone for our home.  These chores help to make this house a haven for my family.  And anyone else who happens to find themselves under our roof.  That might include you. :)

These endless jobs are actually sacred in God's eyes.  His approval and validation of my attempts to create a home out of this house have the power to change my perspective regarding these mundane tasks.

Suddenly ...
Cleaning up today's umpteenth spill is a spiritual act of worship.
Comforting my little drama queen is a ministry to her heart.
And serving my family is an opportunity to love them with Jesus's love.

The days of a mom may feel a bit like an unending list of "la, la, la's".  But in truth, each day we have an opportunity to live a life that sings back to God of His goodness and faithfulness.  And seeing as God's love and compassion are endless, we have a lot of singing to do!

Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la!


  1. I know this time of year I find myself have a mommy melt down or two just because my Daily TO Do list seems to take a life of its own. Yesterday was one of those days.

    Pam found you on Sits : )

  2. So needed to read this right now! Thanks for making something sacred out of an ordinary song. Love you!


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