Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time-Warp Wednesday

This past week, we celebrated my brother's 40th birthday.  Wow.  How did that happen?  In my mind's eye we are still a bunch of goofballs.  Oh, wait ... I guess that is one thing that hasn't changed!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures with my brother ... and a little something I wrote for him.

Sitting in front of our old house with some crazy pups.

Proof that we clean up pretty well.

We're all sporting some interesting hair.

My Nana had this one framed on her wall.

This one, too.

Say, "Cheese!" ... and blink, Allie. 

Yosemite is cool ... and so are we.

I may not be John Lithgow ... but I still have a pretty good story to tell.

Growing Up
In an old house that was crooked and sweet,
With its front door facing Charles Street,
Three kids all grew up,
With two ducks and a pup,
In just a mere thousand square feet.
Big bro, you were the first one to bloom,
With two sisters who knew how to loom.
Your own place to sleep,
Space for your things to keep,
But take a number to use the bathroom.

On nights when our bickering would quit,
We’d squeeze into one bed, quite a fit.
I’d tell stories in bed,
From my own silly head,
Then we’d sleep ... “please, scoot over a bit.”

Sprawled across the floor way back when,
We’d divvy up all of your Star Wars men.
You put up with our “brreecks!”
And our weak sound effects,
If it kept you from Barbie and Ken.

Bundled up, we headed off to the streets,
With our sled loaded up with sweet treats.
Delivering to Ms. Opal,
“Keep the sweets from that mongrel!”
You had cocoa while I froze my feets!

Years of swimming and lots of pep talks,
Ziploc bags full of cherry Knox Blox.
Trying to keep cool,
On the decks of the pool,
Gulping green H2O at the blocks.

We packed the Cutlass and made it all fit,
Now if only there was some place to sit.
Headed west to Cali,
See the beach and family,
Then Yosemite and ‘round the fire pit.

You were fashionable, or so I was told,
Tight-rolled jeans with a remarkable fold.
A mullet, an earring,
A perm - oh, so daring -
And a prom jacket, glittering gold!

You were the first of us to leave the nest,
Off to college, where you did your best.
You fell for sweet Jill,
Who said, “Yes, I will”,
Now you’re designing your own family crest.

Letting God set your pathway before you,
Unearthing all He’s planned you to do,
Leading us as we sing,
Raising children who bring,
All the glory to God that He’s due.
You were the pioneer for Allie & Shorty
First to walk and talk and be sporty.
The first one to drive,
Find a job and to thrive,
And the very first one to turn forty!

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

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  1. Loved it! So glad you rhyme better than Gloria from VBS! ;-D


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