Friday, September 2, 2011

Food For Thought - Revisited

This week, Lydia learned a new word.


Daddy came home with two boxes of peaches and Liddy ate most of them!  Honestly, if I didn't watch that girl like a hawk, she would have eaten through the first box on Friday morning.

She is the stickies, juiciest, sweetest, tastiest little cutie!

In honor of peach season, we have been eating them whole, slicing them to put on our ice cream and cereal, savoring a serving (or two) of peach crisp, freezing them for peach smoothies and piling peach salsa on everything.  Or just on a spoon.

Drip, slurp, mmmmm ....

Last year about this time I highlighted this succulent fruit on another Food For Thought and it's definitely worth revisiting.

Enjoy ... and I recommend Palisade Peaches ... just sayin'.

Peasheeze ... err ... Peaches


  1. peacheeze! I love it! I just stopped by from SITS to say hello. I hope you find time to return the visit!

  2. Peaches...yum! We just went through a 25 pound box of peaches this summer. My favorite peach treat? Macadamia Peach Crisp. :)


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