Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Summer, I Pledge ...

Today my big kids are having their swim-day at school.  They packed their pool bags last night in anticipation ... which meant, of course, that Norah had all her parts together (including her diving sticks so she can practice) and Aaron dashed off to the laundry room this morning when I asked if he had a towel.  Two completely different kids!

In honor of Norah and Aaron playing at the pool today, Ashley and Lydia are wearing their own swimsuits and we'll have to peel them off their little bodies tonight at bedtime. :)

In reality, school is already over ... with the pool-day today and field day tomorrow, we're as good as done.  Except for one teeny-tiny detail.

They aren't actually home yet.

That starts officially on Tuesday.  Then our true summer vacation begins.

In an honest attempt to "do" summer well this year, I am making the following promises ... and encourage you to take the pledge with me!

1.  Don't forget to get outside everyday.  Even on the insanely hot, piercingly sunny, "yes, we live in the desert" days.  That might mean that we go out right after breakfast ... but we will get outside.

2.  Don't skimp on the sun-screen.  I am already sporting two toasty pink shoulders from "Rocket Day" yesterday with Aaron's class.  And I'm ashamed to admit that Ashley ended up with a couple of pink parts, as well.  So ... we will be slathered or sitting in the shade.

3.  Don't spend too much time/energy/brain-power worrying about whether my arms are ready for tank-tops or my legs for shorts.  It's the desert and it's hot.  The less clothes the better.  Get over it.

4.  Don't get in a dither about the swimsuit issue, either.  The point is to be in the pool, enjoying the kids and staying cool.  And considering I'll have my 4 kids splashing around me, no one is really paying any attention to me.  Right?  ...sigh...

5.  Don't let the kids get bored.  We have a very full June, but starting in July we will be keeping the kids hopping with summer cinema, the reading program through the library and our family study of famous people.  Actually, we'll have the kids looking forward to the promise of the peace and quiet of school!

6.  Don't forget to take time for me.  That might mean still getting up at 6:20 every morning for my workouts and keeping up with "nap" time in the afternoon.  Whatever I need to be sane and happy!

7.  Don't freak out about the daily schedule.  This is a tough one for me because I am a planner by nature and I like a routine.  But ... when faced with a spontaneous option to go play with friends, I plan to say, "Yes ... we'd love to!"

8.  Don't throw our entire routine out the window!  Everyone needs fun-time, play-time, read-time and down-time.  Even Mommy.

9.  Don't pass up on any opportunities to tip-toe through the flower gardens, sip fresh (and sweet) ice tea, sit and listen to the birds, harvest fresh veggies from our garden, sit in the evening on the back porch with my sweetie and a glass of wine, and snuggles on the couch with all my kids ... maybe watching a movie during the heat of the day.

10.  Don't blink.  It'll be August before we know it ... and I don't want to miss out on anything this summer has to offer!


Writing Prompt #5 ~ Your Top Ten Summer Don'ts.  Mommy-Style.  When I first thought about this post, thoughts came to mind of keeping up with my pedicure and a list of books that I want to read.   Then reality set in :) and I remembered that in our house, it's not about me!   This may no be exciting ... but it's my reality.  And my kids really are more important than my toes. :)

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  1. It's so true that summer completely flies by... Gotta remember to soak up each summer ray of sunshine! :)

  2. If only my girls were little again. It was so much easier finding things for them to do in the summer. As teenagers, they sleep to 12 & everything they want to do cost money :( Plus I work fulltime so summer's are more challenging than they used to be.

  3. I LOVE the fact that summer means I can be more laid-back about the kids' schedule.
    Staying up late and letting them play street hockey is wonderful :)

  4. I wish more people could be so easy going. I know too many people who wont swim because they dont like their bodies, or let me take pictures because they dont have their clothes or hair right. You are stealing someone elses memories by saying no to something fun, and harmless!

    Have a great summer!!


  5. As a working mom sometimes it is so hard to enjoy the summertime! I have to try to remember to enjoy it more and make more quality time!


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