Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Mouth is Not Happy

I don't think that I've ever been a truly picky-eater, although my mother might have some enlightening stories.  I do remember that I was known for picking the meat out of an meal and leaving the green stuff behind, but what kid doesn't shun veggies?  I know I had a deep aversion to fish or anything that had once swam with fish (i.e. shrimp, lobster, etc); I was much more a red-meat gal.  I also remember feeling a tad-bit grossed out whenever there was something sweet in a savory dish.  For example I was a little repulsed by grapes in my chicken-salad, pineapple on my pizza and raisins on a green salad.  ... shiver ...

As my palate has matured, however, I have found myself willing to try new things and re-discover that some foods that I pushed around my plate as a kid are actually rather delicious.  Who knew that brussels sprouts cooked just right with a little balsamic vinegar and feta cheese could be so scrumptious!  As for the contrasting sweet and savory flavors in a dish ... can you pass the mango salsa? With the heat of the jalapenos and the coolness of the cilantro, I find myself forgoing the chip and reaching for a spoon!  And sushi?  I don't know how to say "addict" in Japanese ... but that would be me!

Armed with such bold culinary courage, I thought that were wasn't really anything out there for which I wouldn't request seconds.

I was wrong.

Several years ago, my hubby and I celebrated our 10th anniversary with a "just you and me" trip to the Oregon coast.  One of the recommendations that we received from everyone we talked to (family members, fellow tourists and B&B owners alike) was lunch at Moe's.

"Get their clam chowder ... you'll love it!"

"You have to have a bowl of their clam chowder.  You'll never eat chowder out of a can again."

"Stop and have their clam chowder.  It's amazing!"

So, of course, we went to Moe's.  And we ordered the clam chowder.  And then we got a little curious.

The table-tent next to the condiments sang the praises of Moe's oysters, too.  Hmmmm ...

"I've never had oysters, have you?"


"I guess if you're ever going to eat an oyster, this is the place, right?"

"Right," flagging the waitress, "We'll take two of the oysters on a half-shell."

The little squishy fellas arrived and stared up at us.  The song from "Alice in Wonderland" floated into my head ... curious little oysters ...

Brett and I looked at each other, grabbed our shell, smiled painfully and ... down the hatch!


It was the most awful mouthful I have ever gagged down - made only worse by the fact that I bit into that slimy little oyster and felt a squirt of nasty salt-water spew down my throat.

Uuuggghhhh ....  I can still taste the slippery little thing ... slimy, rubbery, salty and way too big!  There was not enough water at the table to wash away that sea-water taste, or the sensation of swallowing something slick and stubborn at the same time!  Even now, my little gag-reflex twitches when I think back on it.  ... gulp ...

Gratefully, our clam chowder showed up shortly after my shellfish-shock and I was able to end the meal on a good note.  Actually it was a deliciously, creamy note.  A lip-smacking note that I think back on with fondness and a little surge in my appetite.

So ... if you ever find yourself on the Oregon coast, go to Moe's for their clam chowder.

Just avoid those slimy, slippery, squishy little oysters.  The curiosity will leave you with a stomachache.


Writing Prompt #4 ~ Describe a food you abhor.

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  1. My taste buds have matured too, but I don't think I'd try oysters!

  2. LOL. How ironic that my post today was about one of the best oysters I've ever had. Heheh check it out....maybe the one you had was lacking something? Hmmmm....

  3. yuck *hate* oysters! The Hubs and I went on a romantic trip to Reno and had oyster shooters *shudder* -let's just say we were a bit sick later! lol!!

  4. i can't bring myself to eat oysters either but i will have to try your suggestion for brussel sprouts. thanks!

  5. Yeaaaah... I'm not that culinarily mature. I give you credit for giving them a go.
    Found you off VB- I hope you're having a wonderful day!
    Stop on by anytime.

  6. Your oysters are my sea urchin. But, oh my, I LOVE shucked oysters!! I even loved them as a little kid. They are soooo good. I love oysters shucked, BBQ'd, fried, sauteed, and in the seafood chowder my husband and daughter made last weekend. Delish! Glad you were able to at least enjoy the chowder. :>

  7. I LOVE your description of the after taste of the oysters - even though I like oysters, you pretty much sum up the way all bad tastes are experienced!

  8. Yeah... not an oyster lover and never will be... slimy, raw of all things!, and slimy, and well slimy!!! good thing I read your post - never go to Moe's to try oyster... chowder yes, osyter no! GOT IT!!! :) phew!


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