Monday, May 16, 2011

13 of My Favorite Things

Today is a good day.  And that's in spite of it being a full-speed-ahead, hang-on-to-your-hats, go-go-go-til-bedtime Monday ... 

Today is my Sweetie and my 13th anniversary!  

Thirteen years ago we said, "I do", smooched a bit (okay ... a lot), smiled for hundreds of pictures, danced several dances and headed off on an adventure!  

And now 13 years later ... we're so glad we said, "I do" and daily seek ways to "do" things for one another, we still smooch a lot (much our kids' mixed responses), we take less pictures of us and more of our brood, we sneak a few quick dances in the kitchen and find ourselves speeding along on an adventure that wears us out and thrills us at the same time!

Today I want to press pause on the wild ride that is marriage and family and share 13 of my favorite snapshots of being married to my one true love ... if I can keep it to 13, that is!

13.  Inside jokes from our favorite TV shows ... "And that's why you don't yell!"
12.  Repeated giggles from our favorite movies ... "Sometimes their noses are horns."
11.  Guaranteed kisses during the day ... actually, from five different smoochers.
10.  Praying together ... and being prayed for.
9.  Playing Progressive Rummy when the kids are asleep ... or Yahtzee, Sands, Fluxx, etc.  I think we are pretty even in the win/loss department.
8.  Our four fantastic/wonderful/exhausting/distinctive/precious/ beautiful kids ... the "fruit" of our youth.
7.  Running away for dinner without the monkeys ... and trying not to talk about them, either!
6.  Family vacations with the monkeys ... making memories and starting traditions ... and solidifying our love of hotel elevators.
5.  Being the recipient of Brett's generous heart ... he gives good gifts!  He always knocks my socks off, most recently with tickets to see Les Mis this September!  "I Dreamed a Dream ..."
4.  Being the recipient of Brett's funny heart ... he has a great sense of humor, too.  I have a cast photo from "Ed" hanging in my laundry room, keeping me company while I scrub out grass stains.
3.  Being a part of such a great parenting-team ... training, disciplining, laughing and using "Rock, Paper, Scissors" for the hard stuff.
2.  Cuddling.
1.  Having my bestestest friend also be my hubby.

So young ... and, we are still smiling!

I love you, Sweetie!  xxoo


  1. Hi Thanks for stopping by to see me today! I am so happy you found me so I could find you! What a fantastic idea for your anniversary! Happy One btw! I am thinking of fun new ways to celebrate my own coming up in a month!

    Have a great day!

  2. How wonderful! Happy Anniversary to you! Hope it was a lovely day of celebration and love.



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