Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elasti-Girl, I'm Not

Recently, we watched "The Incredibles".  It is one of our family's favorites, but I was still surprised when that was the movie the girls chose.  See ... Aaron was gone for the evening and the girly-girls had the opportunity to choose any movie they wanted.  Any Princess-Fairy-Musical-Chickette flick they wanted.  And they unanimously voted for the Super-Hero-Family-Adventure-Action movie.  Huh ... go figure.

With this recent movie and all the fantastic super-hero abilities bopping around in the girls' heads, there has been three super-heroettes running up and down the stairs, fighting bad guys, using their force "bubbles" and pretty much, saving the day!

It is an absolute hoot to watch Liddy with her tough face (i.e. squinty eyes and poochy-out lips) speeding down the hall, skidding to a stop and yelling, "No!  Stop!  Here!"  (Pretty much her entire vocabulary!)  She has been assigned the roll of Dash, the speedy little brother, so dialogue isn't much of an issue.

Ashley, on the other hand, is playing the roll of Violet while wearing Lydia's Wonder Woman costume with the cape.  How she fits her 5 year old body into her 2 year old sister's Halloween costume requires some amazing super-hero abilities!

Norah has chosen to be Mom, of course.  Mainly so that she can be the boss, make sure the game is going the way she wants and so that she can have the amazing powers of stretching her arms and legs to inhumane lengths.  I'm not sure she's actually roll-playing so much as enjoying being herself.  Her flexible, mothering, controlling self.  :)

All this super-hero action has gotten me thinking about what super-hero abilities I would like to have.  Knowing that I am not SuperMom frees me up from choosing such boring skills as infinite patience and micro-macro-multi-tasking and makes me want to have these instead:

  • Yard-Sale Radar:  The ability to drive past a yard sale and with one quick scan be able to tell if there is indeed anything there I need.  This would save me the effort of finding a parking place, unbuckling the brood, wandering amidst stuff we don't need, wrestling said "un-needed items" from brood and returning to the car empty-handed and hot.

  • Telekidnesis:  The ability to move things with my mind ... mainly my children and their many belongings.  This would free me up from making multiple requests to get in the van, come to the table or get out of the shower.  I can only imagine their stunned looks the first time I plopped them in bed and pinned them down with my mind!

  • WhereIsMy? ESP:  Upon being asked were Polly Pocket's microscopic left shoe is, I could say with full confidence, "It's on the top shelf of the bookcase in your room under the Mickey Mouse hat, on top of the lost pink princess sock and behind the empty shoe box you said you wanted for your treasures."  Ta-dah!

  • Sippy-cup Scan:  Seeing as there is really nothing worse that wondering where the missing sippy-cup half-filled of milk might be ... this is a no brainer.  Rather than spending my quiet-time on my hands and knees looking under couches and under blankets, I could just scan my laser-eyes around the room, locate the fermenting cup of doom stuffed in the toy bin under the fish tank and dispose of the lethal concoction properly.

  • Sleep Grip:  When that little person appears at the top of the stairs for the fifth time to tell me, "I can't get to sleep," (Well, of course not ... you're standing at the top of the stairs, silly!), my super-power would allow me to gently guide the oh-too-tired zombie to his or her room and with a little squeeze on their shoulder, usher them off to dreamland.

And finally ...

  • Shopping Shield:  With my nifty, iridescent power shield around my kids, my shopping cart and me, I could walk the aisles without the worry of anyone in my herd running away or helping themselves to unwanted food items.  I would be able to reach through the shield to select items off the shelves, but the little people would be powerless against it.  Actually ... I wonder if it would work for my cart and kids to be in the bubble and I could walk along beside it.  And if it was sound-proof ... hey, I'm liking this more every minute!

Alas ... I don't believe that any of these amazing abilities are on God's list of spiritual gifts.  I guess I'll just have to be thankful for His Holy Spirit that can help me get through the tough days ... in spite of my plain old humanness. :)

If you could have your own SuperMom ability, what would it be?

Today's post comes on my last sane day for the next four-ish weeks ... SuperMom, indeed!  With VBS prep-work, a trip to the Eastern Slope for a wedding (yippee!), more VBS work, the actual week of VBS (Big Apple here we come!), a family trip to Wisconsin for a reunion and a quick trip back for Norah's state gymnastic meet ... I'm not sure that I will be able to do it all!  Oh ... and being a mom and wife, too. Whew!  So ... if you don't hear from me every day as usual, that's why!  But seeing as the weeks are promised to be filled with snapshots to capture and celebrate - I don't imagine I'll be able to stay away entirely!   Until next post ...

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