Friday, May 6, 2011

Change of Plans ...

Well ... instead of writing Food For Thought yesterday, and deciding whether I would highlight something Mexican-ish for Cindo de Mayo or something simple like My Favorite Muffins, I did this ...

One of these kids has a new set of stitches ...

They called this the "Nutty Suicide" ... aptly named, I'd say.

and not for the obvious reasons!

Poor little Lydia failed a simple dismount from the living room couch and clocked her mouth on the hard, mean, unyielding, bounce-less, undentable wooden ottoman.  If the culprit had been wearing his big spongy cushion, it is possible that Liddy wouldn't have come way so terrible wounded, but as it is ... she had a bleeder!

I don't know who freaked out more, Ashley who was screaming about blood, Aaron who was yelling about needing ice, Lydia who was holding her mouth and crying (and dripping) or Norah who was trying to sing and dance along with the VBS DVD ... and had been so rudely interrupted. :)

Initially, I grabbed a Kleenex (all the time hearing my mother's voice in my head, "use a dark towel so they don't freak out about the blood" and "head wounds bleed a lot" ... thanks, Mom!) and told everybody to calm down.  Then I got a good look and decided that freaking out was the more natural response!  It was a doozy!

Three quick phone calls later (neighbors who could take the kids, Daddy who could come home, and the Pediatrician to let them know we were on our way ... all with multiple criers in my ear) and I was down to one kid headed to the doctor.  As I pulled out of the drive, my Mommy heart was feeling awful:  the kids hadn't had lunch yet (we were on our way to the kitchen when the fateful fall occurred), Ashley was very worked up about possible stitches and Lydia was whimpering in the back with no one to pat her.  Ugh.

I'll fast-forward a bit for you ... we arrived at the Peds office and were quickly ushered to the trauma room.  That's a great name to bring peace of mind to a mom. :)  When the doctor came in, she took a few peeks at Lydia's lip and decided that because of it's size and position, she would feel more comfortable sending us to the plastic surgeon.  Also not a good bit of info for a mommy-heart that's thumping.  A few minutes later, I had directions to the new doctor and we were back out the door.

By this point, the bleeding had subsided and Lydia and moved on to pulling apart the Kleenex's and snuggling on my lap.  That made things significantly less stressful, but still hard.

Upon arrival at the second doctor's office, we were greeted by the friendly receptionist who knew Lydia by name and assured us that we would see the doctor soon.  Lydia busied herself with a bottle of lotion from my purse and offered little squirts of strawberry creme to me and anyone else who might have been interested.  She didn't have any additional takers.

When it was Lydia's turn, we walked into the exam room and Lydia officially connected herself to my left leg.  I'm sure it was the enormous bright light and the oversized mechanical chair.  But, could have been that she was hungary and tired.  It's a toss-up!

The doctor was less than thrilled about the prospect of stitching Liddy's lip for the obvious reasons:  wiggling two-year old, causing additional pain to a two-year old, requiring Mommy to hold down her two-year old.  But, he was the specialist and the buck had been passed to him.

Here's what I learned during that appointment:

  • Lydia is very, very, very, very, very brave.  She never cried or fought.  She laid there so sweet, with her pouty, puffy lip and let the doctor numb her, clean her and stitch her up.  Amazing!
  • Mommies have hard jobs.  It was awful to hold her hands down and look her in the eye while whispering encouragement.  Even worse when she got little tears in her eyes.
  • Doctors are incredible.  He was so gentle and sweet to Lydia - whispering to her that she was, "amazing", "awesome", "incredible" and "fantastic".  And even though he seemed to have trouble speaking to me (kept his eyes closed most of the time ... interesting), he had a wonderfully, tender bedside manner with my baby.
  • Stitches are wild!  As I watched him put each of the five stitches in her little lip, I was mesmerized!  So quick, so smooth and so precise.  And the way he knotted each one? ... well, I was impressed!
  • God is the Great Physician.  It was amazing to watch how Lydia's body responded to the tumble.  Within 15 minutes or so, the bleeding had subsided.  By the end of her appointments she had moved on from being a patient.  By the afternoon she was ... well ... doing that (see above).  And this morning she woke up with a smile and jumped right in being goofy with her siblings.

In the end, Lydia looks pretty tough (which as you know from above, SHE IS!) and she is back to smiling!  Several times during the evening, she seemed to wanting to share with her siblings some of her experience, "Owie ... go ... owie ... dow..."  Sweet, sweet, little Bruiser.

Smile!  ... gently that is :)

So ... there you have it.  No smothered burritos or apple raisin muffins this week - but maybe you'll luck out next week.  I'm hoping for a blood-free-week ... which means I better get the kids off the play car!  At least they're wearing helmets, right? :)


  1. Kids are so resilient, it's amazing! All the same, I am not looking forward to the first time I need to bring the Babby in for stitches. I'm not even sure how I'd know whether she needed them or not!

  2. Oh, Liddy! Kisses always work...if you can catch her. Good job, mommy.

  3. From a distance, it just looks like grape jelly...LOL! Hope she's better soon!


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