Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time-Warp Wednesday

My mom has a saying that she uses a lot.  "A singing child is a happy child."  So true.  I love to hear my babies sing, in part because I am almost guaranteed that the child who is singing, is not singing the Blues. :)

No ... in most cases the serenading kid is in his or her own happy, little world - humming quietly or belting out their favorite tune.  And that happy child is not an "I need you" child or a "help me now" child or a "give me your undivided attention" child.  For those few golden minutes, that kiddo is content and peaceful ... and that is music to Mommy's ears!

Right now, Ashley is on a "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "ABC" kick.  Which is rather funny considering they are actually the same tune.  As is "Baa-Baa Black Sheep" ... so, I guess that's next.

Lydia doesn't say much, but she does like to sing/hum a bit.  I have found her several times in her room, reading books to her babies and singing her own wordless version of "Jesus Loves Me".  Super sweet!

Norah doesn't sing on her own much, unless there is music on and then she will happily sing along.  Or if she's "playing" High School Musical on the Wii.  Then she'll belt out the songs.  Right on key, I might add.  

We caught Aaron singing in the shower the other day and it brought a smile to Mommy & Daddy's faces ... I think it was Dynamite. :)  He also has discovered 80's music via Pandora ... nothing quite like a 9 year old singing Erasure's "Victim of Love". :)

But, then again, I knew my kids would be singers from the very beginning.  Partly because their Daddy is a wonderful vocalist and partly because we bought them a little-person guitar.  That's when the musicality of our family really took off!

Note that Norah is accompanying her big brother on the bongo/plastic cup.  And he seems to be hitting a high note ... maybe the chorus to "I Will Make You Fishers of Men".  What a sweet little duet!

We still have that little guitar, by the way.  
It's missing all five strings, but the kids still "play" it.

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  1. Too cute. My kids sing and hum throughout the day - it does warm the heart. The hubby is the musical one in our family as well.



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