Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time-Warp Wednesday

We are in the midst of that pesky part of Spring. The "Today is so toasty, I could wear shorts ... oh, no ... wait ... now it's cold.  Where is my sweatshirt?  Whew ... I'm feeling a bit hot ... where's my ice tea?" season where we layer our clothes not to stay warm, but to have a variety of options depending on the current temperature.

Yesterday, we walked up the hill to pick up the kids from school and I was a tad bit glisten-y on our trip back down.  (interpretation:  in need of a little body spritz!)  Today, I'm looking out the window and the clouds are completely hiding the sun.  Also the trees seem to be a bit busy out there and so we probably won't be walking.  ...sigh...  And I'm drinking hot tea.  Again.

In my continuing efforts to woo Spring and her warmer weather to stay and play awhile, I have a snapshot for you for Time-Warp Wednesday that brings back vivid, summery Spring memories ...

Little Nuna
This is one favorite pictures of my girly girl.  I'm sure you also have those photos that are lodged in you memory ... the ones that come to your mind with great clarity when they are jostled around by other recollections.  That's how this one is for me.

I love her ginormous eyes, her pinky cheeks, that silly hat that was two sizes too big and that funny little "finger in my mouth" smirk.  I can hear her little giggle just by looking at her sweet face.

This snapshot was taken in May of 2006 at the old "blue" house.  Ashley was just two months old and was probably napping.  The big kids, however, were anxious to be outside ... and wet.  I'm quite certain that this was one of our earliest sprinkler days, or perhaps it was an unseasonably warm day.  Either way, our two silly goofs set up their beach chairs and towels; changed into their swimsuits and spent, ohhhh, about 15 minutes leaping over the sprinkler.  The rest of the time, they spent wrapped in their towels, snuggled in their beach chairs and shivering.  So that makes it our earliest and shortest sprinkler day! :)

For this particular picture, Norah shivered her way to my chair, plopped down on my lap and proceeded to dry herself off on my pants.  That's what mommies are for:  snuggles, warm-ups and pictures.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather, longer sprinkler days and more silly grins!


Alternative NameSomething a little fun and different today ... Melissa from Melomomma invited me to be a guest blogger on her site.  What a treat!  Head on over to her blog ... she has lots of kid-friendly crafts, yummy recipes and mommy stories ... enough to keep you busy for a bit!


  1. Love it! She is so sweet. We are hoping for the warm weather here in Massachusetts too!

  2. Ah the spring weather is SO fickle, I too wear layers so I can do the on-again/off-again thing!

    I especially appreciate your reference to the old "blue" house. While I was growing up we moved alot - my dad was a pastor, and I have such wonderful memories of all the different states we lived in. One of the ways my sister and I found to keep track was to name all the houses. There was the "Dinky house", the "Farm house", the "Blackberry house", and several more. All with such great memories attached!

    Blessings to you and your family.



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