Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time-Warp Wednesday

For this week's Time-Warp Wednesday, I went hunting for some Easter pictures from when I was growing up.  And it turned out that this picture hunt was very much like the Easter egg hunts of my youth.  My basket came up a bit empty!

I was hoping to find a picture of the three of us kids sitting on "the bench" by the blue spruce ... looking spruced up in our Easter best.  Unfortunately, it would appear that particular snapshot only exists in my memory!

Oh well ... I did find these three ... and they are precious in their own way:

I absolutely love Joshua in his Easter tux ... bow-tie, vest and all.  Allison and I are wearing our Easter dresses that our Nana made for us.  Our blondie curls and freshly scrubbed faces are all smiles.

It wasn't until I saw the snapshots of us girls in our dresses that I realized why there wasn't a picture by the tree ... it was probably freezing outside!  Springtime in the Rockies, of course.  We would have had to wear our winter coats over our pretty little pastel frocks!  (In the same way, all our Halloween costumes had to accommodate our parkas!)

That explains the indoor shots ... less chance of catching a cold that way!

Happy Easter 
... I hope you enjoy celebrating Jesus this week!  

The truth of His life, death, resurrection and His offer of redemption are certainly worth hunting for!


  1. He was *quite* dapper for Easter! Love the giant bowtie, too. I always had Easter hats that I wore.

  2. It is such fun to find treasures like these of my sisters and I.

    Stopping from SITS!

  3. That tux is priceless!! I always had the pastel ruffle dresses too, although Easter in AZ is much warmer than in the rockies I imagine.


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