Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time-Warp Wednesday

This is a particularly special Time-Warp ... as it also coincides with my baby boy's 9th birthday!  Well ... not exactly a baby, but still my boy.

A few Wednesdays ago I shared one of Aaron's very first pictures in which he assured me that everything would be A-Okay.  A gentle reminder to his new mommy that God was in control.  That was just the beginning for this sweet encouraging boy.  On a regular basis, he finds ways to boost my spirits, make me laugh, and to be a blessing to those around him.  That is, of course, when he's not being a regular 9-year old stinker. :)

Aaron recently wrote an anagram poem using his name.  I can't recall what he wrote for the first four letters, but I'll never forget what he wrote for the letter N ~ "Never mean".  Made me tear up right there in the school corridor!  Mainly because it's true!  He doesn't have a mean bone in his body!

He is a tender big brother, a faithful friend and a tender-hearted son.

  • I love that he uses his soft and gentle voice when he's talking to Lydia (as long as she doesn't currently have his latest Lego creation in her death grip).  
  • I love that he still tears up when he gets his feelings hurt or when we pray for family and friends who are hurting.
  • I love that he still gives me kisses and hugs, oftentimes when I'm not expecting it.  (For example, I took a trip to Denver this past weekend and when I was driving away, he ran across the cul-de-sac to get one more smooch.  Mommy's heart just melts!)

I pray that he will always have this gentle, yet strong, way about him and that he will continue to be a blessing to those around him.

But ... on to the Time-Warp portion of this post.  Enough of that mushy mommy business! :)

Here is my sweet boy when he was just 19 months old.  Such a smiley little guy!

This particular picture of my Aaron-Boy is precious to me for many reasons ... but here's three:

  1. His curls.  His delightful spirally curls.  Wacky-doodle curls ... just like his mamma.  I cried the day that we gave him his first trim.  Now, I give him hair cuts on a regular basis, just trying to tame his Conan O'Brienish, crazy mane!
  2. His little cheeks.  He was the rolliest-polliest little boy.  I loved to nibble on all his chubby little parts.  Now, he comes up to my chin and there isn't an ounce of fat on that boy.  He's a lean and lanky fellow and he's destined to pass up his mom soon.
  3. His smile.  He was always quick to smile and giggle ... and I'm so grateful that hasn't changed!
What a wonderful boy to celebrate today ...

and again on Saturday.  We are revving up for a spy-tacular birthday party with Agent P, Agent A and all the Agent Buddies.  It promises to be fun!  I'll post some snapshots as soon as I recover from the mission!


  1. Aw, what a sap you are! :-P But we love your Aaron-boy too! How did our boys get so big?! I remember cutting off those curls, it was a sad day. It really changed him into a big boy! Happy birthday, buddy!


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