Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can You Be Responsible?

I wrote this last week ...

We are in the middle of a little test of responsibility with our two older girls.  I have given them until Wednesday to show me proof that they can be responsible for their own personal items.  If they can show me evidence that they have properly taken care of their own property, then we will talk about giving them something a bit more with which to be responsible.  Pretty simple.  But pretty essential in this process of growing up.

What, do you ask, will be the evidence that our girls are ready for the next big thing?  Well ... let me fill you in.

My girls love chap-stick.  A lot.  Ashley and Norah like to wear it and Lydia likes to eat it.  Ashley and Norah like to dibby-dab it on their lips and Lydia likes to dibby-dab it all over her face.  And hands.  And feet.  Ashley and Norah like to carry it around in their pockets and Lydia likes to steal it out of their pockets.  As a result of all this love, we have several tubes of chap-stick that have been gouged out with tiny little fingers, several tubes that have been twisted up and jammed into the cap and several tubes that are empty because they have taken a ride in the washer and dryer (grrrrr ....).

Upstairs in the bathroom is a package of two, Hello Kitty chap-sticks.  They're pink.  They're girly.  They have little charms attached to the lids.  They are very, very desirable.

For the past several mornings, my big girls have come downstairs and asked if they could open the Hello Kitty chap-sticks and I have had to be the big, mean mommy and say, "No.  Where are your other chap-sticks?  The ones we bought last week?"

Then there is a chorus of, "Mo-om ... Lydia wrecked mine." Or "Mo-om, I lost mine." Or better yet, "Mo-om, Lydia has it.  And she's rubbing it all over her hair."  ...sigh...

As a result of this excessive chap-sticking by my baby girl and lip-pouting by my bigger girls, I came up with a plan.  A Biblical plan, no less.  And seeing as I am trying to not exasperate my children and instead bring them up with God's instruction ... I'm praying this will work!  (Check out Ephesians 6:4.)

Jesus mentioned this "rule of responsibility" in the Bible.  In Luke 16:10, He says, "He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much." If you can take care of something small ... and do a really good job at it, it stands to reason that you will also be able to take care of something a bit bigger.  Now back to this little test.

The bigger girls and I had a little chat this morning.  I explained that if they could show me some good responsibility with the chap-sticks they currently have I would be thrilled to open the fancy Hello Kitty chap-sticks for them.  All they have to do is take care to keep their chap-sticks out of Lydia's reach and show me, in two days time, a chap-stick that is in good condition.  And obviously not lost, empty or devoured.

With big smiles on their faces ... they ran upstairs, talking all the way about how excited that they were going to get the Hello Kitty chap-sticks this week!

A few minutes later, they both came back downstairs.

Norah:  Mom, I put my chap-stick up in my purple bag hanging from my bed.  The only way that Lydia can get it is if she climbs up on the bunk bed and hangs over the side and gets in the bag.

Me:  Okay.  But remember.  The test involves you actually using it and being responsible with it.  I'd like you to go and get it and put it in your backpack.  Then you will have it when you need it at school.  And you'll have to work at this a little.

Ashley:  Mom!  Norah helped me to hide my chap-stick!  Do you know where it is?  It's up in the flower pot (dried arrangement) in my room on the shelf above my bed.  I can't even reach it, so I know Lydia can't get it.

Me:  Uh-huh ... um, I think we're missing the point here.

Ashley:  Yeah!  We're going to get the new ones!  (runs off to play)

Lydia:  (walks by destroying a different chap-stick)

Me:  ...sigh... We all figure it out eventually ...

Update:  They got to have their new fan dangled chap-sticks on Thursday of that week.  One short week ago.  As of today ... Norah's Hello Kitty chap-stick is no where to be found and Ashley's was gouged out by a two-year old who will remain anonymous.  Short lived treat!  Maybe next time it will stick!  Get it? Stick?  Chap-stick?  Ahhh ... I need a break! :)

And just in time ... we are headed out today to visit Gramps and Grammy!  I am signing off until next Tuesday!  

In case you fear of going through Food For Thought with-drawals ... head on over to Mommie Cooks for some inspiration.  Just don't drool to much ... it's hard on your keyboard!

Have great weekend~


  1. Its hard with the Biblical parenting. A lot of the lessons are ones that we have to repeat... over and over and over. I guess that encourages consistency, but it certainly is tiring! Good plan though! Here's hoping one or two more tries will do the trick!! Good luck! :)

  2. A few more repetitions and eventually they'll get it... it's hard. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Your girls LOVE their chapstick! I'm trying to think of something my girls love as much. LOL!

  4. I think it was a good try, though!! Maybe a few more repetitions will work. Stopping by from SITS! :)


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