Monday, February 7, 2011

Go Team!

Growing up, I kinda, sorta always wanted to be a cheerleader.  That was where the cool girls were.  They learned dance routines.  They wore stylish uniforms.  They travelled with the basketball teams on the bus to games.  They got out of class to organize pep-rallies.  Even going to a small school (graduating class of 16), there was a bit of a hierarchy in coolness.  And the cheerleaders were up there at the top.

The Pep Club on the other hand ... was just a tad bit less cool.  We sat on the first two rows of bleachers - behind the cheerleaders.  We had matching t-shirts.  We only cheered at home games.  And there were no try-outs.  But ... we knew all the cheers.  We were loud foot stompers and exuberant clappers.  And we were equally excited about the game ... if we weren't busy chatting or whispering about a cute guy.

That was where I found myself.  The Pep Club.  Twenty-odd years later, I think I've come to terms with not being a cheerleader.  I guess I saved up much of my "Go Team!" enthusiasm for these mothering years, instead!

I am my kids' greatest cheerleader when it comes to:

  • Losing teeth.
  • Passing spelling tests.
  • Ringing the bell at gymnastics.
  • Sparkling report cards.
  • Chores done well.
  • Learning their multiplication tables.
  • Putting away toys.
  • Creating a new Lego ship.
  • Hanging their coat completely on the hook.
  • Coloring within the lines.
  • Serving a sibling.

But that's not all.  I also find myself cheering for my kids even when their actions don't necessarily seem cheer-worthy.   And that's just because I'm Mom.
  • Making it through gymnastics and being focused 80% time.
  • Successfully putting 50% of their shoes in the shoe bin.
  • Getting 75% of their math problems right.
  • Not yelling at their baby sister when she's a pest (which is 83% of the time).
  • Actually staying in their rooms for entire quiet time without checking in with me every 10 minutes.
  • Staying focused on their homework 78% of the time.
  • Getting to van with their shoes and coats ... not on their bodies, but they have them.
  • Getting me their notes from their teachers.  In my hand, not on the floor.
  • Only grumbling through 25% of their chore to take out the trash.
  • Brushing 83% of their teeth.

Those are the harder times to cheer for my kids ... but then I am reminded that this time here in our home is their practice.  Practicing for life. Practicing for more responsibility.  Practicing to be independent.  And practice makes ... well, not perfect, exactly.  No one needs that pressure ... least of all me!  

So, let's rephrase that:  Practice makes ... better.  

Better tooth-brushers.  
Better workers.
Better spellers.
Better learners.
Better organizers.
Better friends.
And ... in my case, a better mom.

Here's to practicing and cheering and practicing some more ... Go Team!

Here are a few snapshots from this past week.  The big kids had Super Bowl Spirit Day last Thursday at school.  We turned up empty-handed when we started looking for NFL jerseys (we had several Rockies and Avalanche shirts, though).   Fortunately, Cousin Caleb had what we needed.  And who knew that he would actually have shirts for the two players in the big game?  Not me!  Thanks, Bubba!

We've got spirit,
yeah, yeah ...
We've got spirit!

Lydia, on the other hand, looked adorable in her Bronco's cheerleading outfit.  Perhaps not the right team ... but she's so cute, it really doesn't matter!


And Jumping!
Ashley wasn't really in the Super Bowl mood this weekend.  She was more in the "hold me and let the world revolve around delicate little me" mood.  So, we were thrilled that she still had fun during the big game.  Girly fun.  She spent most of the time giggling with Cousin Mal, taking care of a dozen or so babies and stuffing her face with Chex Mix.  Whatever works for ya!

Into the eating spirit!


  1. Thanks for your note and the snapshots of your adorable kiddos! Love them!!

  2. your kids brush 83% of their teeth? I think my kids brush 8 or 3 percent of theirs unless I supervise...and by supervise I mean bark at them from the doorway and threaten to do it myself

  3. What a great post! You're so right, sometimes cheering for 50% success is needed more than when they hit 100%. lol And such cute shots too!

  4. When I first saw the Broncos uniform, I briefly got excited because the colors are the same for the Bears. But alas... :)

    I was in the band, and we had to share the field for halftime at the football games with the cheerleaders. Wasn't exactly the high point.


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