Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hey! Yeah! Hey!

Yes, I know that it's February ... but I need to revisit one of our favorite Christmas movies:  Mixed Nuts.
We watch it every year and laugh in the same parts
(when Adam Sandler, as Louie, serenades Catherine with his ukelele), 
repeat the same lines
(when Chris tells Philip, "Dancing with you makes me feel all fluffy.")
 and cringe at the same moments
(when Gracie starts firing the gun wildly in an attempt to empty it of bullets.)

But by far, our favorite scene is when Mrs. Munchnik gets stuck in the old, rickety elevator and desperately calls out for help:

(The first 1:08 minutes are the best!)

Madeline Kahn ... what a hoot!  I imagine that they just gave her the props and let her do her own thing ... you don't necessarily rehearse that sort of silliness.

Unless, of course, you're Lydia.

For Christmas, her siblings gifted her a cute little microphone.  It's really quite fun!  This little gizmo will record a short segment of her singing/talking/shouting and replay it for you.  It also has six different tunes that she can play and sing along with.  But, the very best part is that it amplifies her voice ... as if her voice needs amplifying.

This microphone is quite a popular gadget in our home, but Lydia has gotten the most use out of it.  As you can see from the following video, she loves her microphone ... almost as much as she loves the sound of her own voice.  I took these videos over the course of several days ... hence the costume changes.  That should also give you some insight it the soundtrack of my life lately ... "If you're happy and know it ..."  clap! clap!

Our own little Madeline incarnate!

Gotta love that little singer/shouter/hey-er!

Thank you to kkay2605 for today's video of Madeline Kahn.  
And thank you to Lydia for cooperating. :)

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