Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do You Really Want to See This?

I have a few family members who are definitely technologically savvy.  While I can do this (blogging), make fun slideshows of my kids (Smilebox), burn DVD's of the kids' digital scrapbooks (iMovie) and check my email ...  I am definitely challenged when it comes to texting (no clue!), flashcards (and not the 2+2=4 type), software updates (I won't reprogram the entire computer will I?) and anything having to do with "something new"!

So imagine my chagrin when my cousin sent me a Facebook message about setting up a time to Skype.  My immediate response to this invitation was to, uhmmm ... ignore it.  Chicken!  But wonderful Matthew, being Matthew, wasn't going to let that go.  He sent me another message. To which I said, "Yeah ... uhmmm ... let's do that. :)  Errr ... first I need to figure out what that means!"  After I sent this non-commital response, the phone rang.  It was Matthew.  He's terrifically persistent!  Due to my confession of not having a clue and my vague response about "figuring it out", he decided I needed some tech-support.  He talked me through a new program called FaceTime that is standard on iMac.  Unfortunately, my brain was only partly engaged as all the kids were home and they were all hanging on my lap, arms and right knee.  Due to this Cirque du Soleil-silliness, I was unable to bring to mind our password to finalize the program.  After a promise from me to get the password from Brett, we said goodbye ... with the hope that we would "see" each other soon.  I joked, "Don't hold your breath," ... but part of me was serious!

As much as I was interested in being able to talk "face-to-face" ... I wasn't entirely sure that anyone wanted to see what was happening here ... on the other side of that phone line.  I know that my kids are goofballs, but does anyone else really need to see that?!?

That evening, my brain cleared (as well as my lap, arms and right knee ... Daddy was home, boo-yeah!) and I was able to access FaceTime.  To make sure that I had it right, I typed in Matthew's email.  Then I realized at that moment that it was probably not the best time:  the kids were still up and pretty bouncy in the kitchen.  I disconnected and made a mental note to try again after bed-time.  Then the phone rang.  It was Matthew! :)  He had been on line and something flashed on his monitor that I had "buzzed" him.  Such crazy technology!  I got back on the computer, logged-in to the program ... and this is what ensued:

See ... I wasn't that far off in my guesstimation of my kid's unruly nuttiness in the face of ... well ... their own faces!  If you are like me and this program is a mystery, this is how it works.  Our monitor has a camera that videos what we are doing (obviously not just chatting) and sends it to my family.  You can see what they are doing by watching the little box in the left hand corner ... apparently they just sit and talk.  Novel idea!  On their end, they see their faces ... and our insanity!  (I would encourage you to go back and watch the video again ... but this time, watch my cousin and aunt's reactions to the kids ... that's almost as much fun!)  They (YOU) are such good sports!  Obviously the kids were so taken with their own looks, giggles and lips that they forgot about actually talking.  In spite of their silliness, I managed to have a little chat time with my cousin and auntie ... and they were patient enough to listen to me and watch the kids.  I have noticed, however, that they haven't tried to "buzz" us again.  Ha! :)

I know that this new fandangled contraption :) has the potential to be a great way to stay in touch with family across the country ... and oceans.  I just hope some of the novelty wears off so that we can have an actual conversation!

I encourage you to check it out ... but just know that if you try to FaceTime with me ... you might get more than you bargained for!


Thank you, Matthew, for being patient and persistent.  And not telling me you took all these nutty pictures until after we finished chatting.  :)  So much more like life-unscripted that way!

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  1. We chatted Matthew on Face-Time on Thursday night too. It was fun. But it was too late in Florida to see Tantie Tachel. He was a good sport with us too, and we didn't know he was taking screen shots either! These smart kids that are sooo techno-savvy! Can we really keep up?! :-D


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