Sunday, October 31, 2010

Too Much Candy?

Hey there ... are you candied out yet?  I don't know about you, but it was a bit shocking to see the load that my kids came home with on Halloween.  Eeek!  And having just visited the dentist last week to get my cavities filled, I'm not too keen on the prospect of us consuming too much of this sugary goodness.

True Halloween Horror!

Fortunately, we have another option ... other than throwing it away! :)

If you live in the Grand Junction area, there is a Dental group in town that is buying candy back at $2 a pound.  The candy received is donated to "Blue Star Mothers" who then use it as packing materials for care packages they send over-seas to our troops.  How awesome is that?

Check out the specifics on this dentist's program here.

Nothing like cold, hard cash to help kids let go of their loot! :)

If you aren't from GJ ... you might check your local paper to see if any other dentists are doing something similar.

We'll be dropping of our stash on Tuesday ... and then probably heading to Target before their cash burns a hole in their pockets! :)

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