Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Acts of Thankfulness

You know how it is ... you try to teach your kids something and then you discover that it's YOU who needs the lesson!  After working on yesterday's post, I had a grumpy day ... a "what about me" sort of day. :(  That's just the way God works sometimes ...

At first I felt grumbly ... then I felt a bit convicted ... and then I got busy!  While the baby girls were in the tub this morning, I sat down with my journal and started jotting down all the parts of my life that I'm thankful for.  As is usually the case, it was a little tough getting started, but then I got my gratitude-juice flowing and I ended up with a long, lovely list of gratefulness!

And now in no particular order ... my random thoughts of thankfulness:

Hot running water ~ I'm so glad that I don't have to head down to the creek with my bucket to fill and then heat on the stove before getting anything clean.

Listening to my kids giggle ~ It's one of the most contagious "germs" around.  And the only one I like to "catch".

Sunny spot on the couch ~ For about 5 months out of the year, the sun hits the end of the couch everyday at about 2 pm ... just in time for a nap or a football game ... or both! :)

Microwave ~ Also an instant heat-up ... of food, that is.

Kids' forgiveness when I mess up ~ I'm so grateful that they don't hold a grudge when I'm demanding or unreasonable.  When I ask for forgiveness, the give me a clean-slate.  Whew!

Christmas music in November ~ We have decided to study a Christmas song for our next KEBL night... which gave me free license to listen to a couple holiday albums last night.  :)  Love it!

Brett's servant's heart ~ You can't out-serve this guy ... it's impossible.  He's a professional.

Cordless phones ~ I can get to where my kids are when they need me ... or get away from them when they need me.  It's a win-win situation!

Washer & Dryer ~ I love the thump-thump-thump of the machines working hard, while I'm doing something else.  Also see the "hot running water" entry above ... and add "beating clothes against the rocks".  Ugh.

Relaxing enough to be silly with my kids ~ When I make my kids giggle because of something I said or did, their laughter is that much sweeter.

After-Kids-Go-To-Bed bliss ~ The quietness of those first few minutes after they are in bed is delightful ... until the first, "Mom, I need..."

Aaron getting goofy with his sissies ~ Even if it's not cool, it's fun and funny.

Warm scarves ~ 'Tis the season of knitted scarves knotted at my neck ... and the warm toastyness that comes along with it.

Sweet words from one kid to another ~ Simple sweetness to my ears!

Baskets & bins ~ They give the illusion of a tidy house ... at least everything has a place.  Somewhere.

Spontaneous "I Love You's" ~ Especially when I don't quite feel like I deserve it (see intro above).

Things my kids can do on their own ~ When their independence frees me up to take care of something else, it truly is a gift!  Currently its the fact that my older kids can wash up in the shower on their own - yipee!

Lydia reading her own books ~ And giving herself hugs while reading "Hug" by Jez Alborough.

Window-shopping through the holiday catalogues at my kitchen table ~ No hustle, no bustle, or bundling up to go out ... and it's cheap, too!  Add a hot mug of tea and it's an absolute treat!

When my neighbors are also our bus drivers ~ When I don't do school drop-off or pick-up, I gain a whole hour of my day!

Hugs in the kitchen ~ 100% un-expected and 100% enjoyed.

Tantalizing smell of dinner in the afternoon ~ Let that crock-pot do it's job!

Ashley singing along at bedtime ~ Even if she makes up half the words ... her heart's in the right place.

Our Veterans ~ So thankful for the freedoms we enjoy because of their sacrifice ... and the sacrifices of their families, too.

Kids who are proud of themselves ~ Whether it's a spelling test, coloring in the lines, finding their shoes or a back kick-over ... they know they rock and their smiles prove it!

Reminiscing ~ Time with family and friends and the many memories that are revisited ... and the laughter that inevitably ensues.  Throw an album in there and it gets hysterical.

Double Stroller ~ The only way I have been able to get out of the house with multiple little people for the past 8 years.  I love that thing!

Soft-hearts ~ And the unexpected tears when our hearts are touched.  (Click here for the perfect example of surprising tears.  Be sure to watch until the end ... that's when it got me.)  I'm also known for crying during commercials and when people are eliminated from the Amazing Race.  I feel.  A lot.  And it's a good thing.

That I'm not a Casteller ~ And neither are my children.  See above.

A hubby who likes to hold hands ~ And snuggle!

Music that sings what's in my heart ~ Thank you, Sara, Jack, Bebo and many others!

Freckles on my kids' noses ~ I want to kiss each and every one of them.

When my kids eat their veggies ~ Nope ... vegetables aren't evil!  They can be pretty tasty, actually.

My Pampered Chef Scraper ~ It stands up to the most stuck-on, stickiest messes ... and comes out the winner!

Our doctors ~ High-quality health-care at our fingertips.  And the kids get stickers at check-out ... boo-yeah!

Brett's faithfulness at work ~ Even if it's not his "dream job" he works hard to provide for us.

Slippers and throw blankets ~ Snuggled up in my cocoon ... mmmmm ....

Disposable diapers ~ No words necessary. :)

Norah's servant's heart ~ She loves to be a super helper - and that's super!

Kids' goofy smiles and funny faces ~ Unless I'm trying to get a nice family picture.

Kids' curiosity ~  Their pure amazement when they learn something new is terrific and I get to see the world brand-new again through their young eyes.

Inside jokes between Brett and I ~ Yarp!

Being in the kids' classes ~ Volunteering in their school lets me see my kids in action ... and watch them shine!

Unintentional clothing matching ~ When the girls all match, it's so cute.  When Brett and I do, it's scary.

Cameras & Computers ~ Capturing the many snapshots of life and the memories I want to keep.  And revisit.

I'm sure my list will be going on ... and on ... and on ...


  1. One thing I am definitely thankful for? Good friends like my sweet Morgie-pie!

  2. Thanks ... I'm sure you'll end up on our family Thankfulness Chain ... you and your super cool pool! :)


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