Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It Was a Wild, Wild Party!

This weekend we celebrated our little Lydia ... affectionately known in our home as Godzlydia.  Now, before you get upset about us teasing our sweet baby girl with such a monster-like theme, let me assure you that we made it the girliest Godzilla party ever.  Pink balloons, rainbow streamers, a "happy birthday banner" with hearts and lots of presents wrapped with purple tissue paper and hot pink ribbons.  Girly!  So what made it a Godzilla party?  Uh ... the "bites" out of the paper plates, the disheveled appearance of many of the guests (we don't usually look like this) and the ferocious tu-tu-ed Godzlydia on the ice-cream cake.

Trust me ... we chose this theme on purpose.  Celebrating our little destroyer just like God made her.  Delightful but destructive!  Here is a little acrostic poem that Norah wrote for her class describing her baby sister ... it's enlightening!

Zebra for Halloween
Loves to pull hair
Amazing kid

That about sums it up!

It truly was a fun party full of good food, silly playing, memorable gift opening and lots of laughter ... just the way we like it!  But even me, being a word-person, would find it difficult to describe here all the excitement and spirit of celebrating.  It's times like this that I'm grateful we live during such a technological time.  With a few clicks of the mouse ... it's almost like you were there! :)

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Of course, a few scenes need some extra descriptions.

Yes, Auntie Allie had a paper airplane in her hair.  And her hair-do isn't usually so fluffy.

No, Nana doesn't need the neck brace ... although it kept her toasty warm.

The final gift in the blue bag was from Lydia's Gramps and Grammy ... who had to miss this party. :(  It included a sweet interactive baby doll that laughs, talks and even snores.  This package arrived about a week before the party via UPS.  The driver (a friend from church) said that he listened to the package "Wheeee!" all day long.  Every time he would make a corner, the box would giggle or squeal or yell, "I like it when you hug me, Mommy!"  It was his last delivery.  Of one of his longer, but more lively days. :)

A few days after the box arrived, Lydia was in my room playing when she bumped into the box leaning against my dresser.  The box laughed and Lydia jumped!  Luckily, she has warmed up to the little cutie quickly.

Since the end of the party, Lydia has been enjoying pushing her babies in her new stroller, caring for her babies with the vet kit (animals and children alike), wearing some super cute clothes and strutting her stuff in her penguin backpack.  Yep ... the party was a success!

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