Friday, February 1, 2013

Gulp ...

Another 5 Minute Friday ... one word, five minutes, no editing.  Ready, set, go!

Five Minute Friday


It sits in a green binder on the dining room table, little hot pink tongues of post-it notes peeking out here and there.  I even bought a special pen with which to write in the margins, something that flows smoothly.  The pen is tucked inside, waiting to be used.

I've read several different posts about how to revise, how to edit, how to rewrite.  I printed off a plan and it's stashed in the front pocket for easy reference.  I've even set myself a date.  March 1st ... have the first revision finished.

Now if only I could make myself sit down and start it.  Oh ... I started in earnest about three weeks ago, just after I bought the neon post-its.  And then the anxiety started in.  And the worry.  And the intimidation of all those pages, pages and pages.  And the fear.

What if I don't know how to bring this project to an end?
And what if I get it edited, revised, rewritten and then no one wants it?
Or what if some publisher takes it, but no reads it?

What if?
What if?
What if?

Time to tell those "What if's" to take a hike and turn to that next page with pen and post it's in hand ... and do it.


  1. Nice job. You do well for five unedited minutes. As an editor, I wish you well with your book. While there are definitely reasons to be afraid, it sounds like you have a good thing going here. One thing's for sure: if it sits in your house, that's where it stays.

  2. You can do it! Happy writing. :-)

  3. I believe you can do it, and I know someone will read it!

  4. You are so talented and as your MOPS coordinator who is taking this PLUNGE thing perhaps too far...I am telling you to dive right in...we can tremble together as my children's easy readers are ready to be sent. Yet, I am less than thrilled to put the postage and such on there. Can I be a pest and remind you to do it? Luv ya lady!


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