Friday, February 15, 2013


Another 5 Minute Friday ... one word, five minutes, no editing.  Ready, set, go!

Five Minute Friday


Coming down from the sugar highs from yesterday, we encountered some bumpy landings.  Boxes full of notes from friends, cautious words carving out safe Valentine wishes.

"You're swell!"

"I think you're amazing!"

"Stay cool!"

But real love isn't this tidy and neat.  When we truly love someone, sometimes it's messy and hard.  Perhaps even a little yucky.

High expectations of romance comes face-to-face with the reality of life.  Instead of kisses, there are tears.  Instead of snuggles, cold shoulders.  Instead of warm words, stilted words hidden within sad sounds.

The biggest challenge faced is not being the lover, but being the beloved.  Because to be the beloved you must be willing to BE LOVED.

Be loved in spite of insecurities.

Be loved in the face of unknowns.

Be loved instead of turning away.

I'm grateful today for love that loves us ... even when we feel unlovable.


  1. Beautiful! This reminds me of my husband when we were dating.

  2. I love the breaking down of "beloved" into "be loved."


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