Thursday, January 31, 2013

Be Big

Tip, Tap
Tip, Tap
Tip, Tap
Tip, Tap...

Sitting at our desks, we can hear Ms. Skoumal walking briskly down the hall to our classroom.  A few squirrelly students scramble for their seats, sliding in just as she breezes through the door.  She smiles broadly; big, bright blue eyes twinkle, happy to see us and her huge and wild head of red hair bounces with each step.

"Good morning!"

She turns to the chalkboard, her skirt swirling about her, and in her flowery script writes today's date, a little flourish at the end and her trademark happy face with the loopy-dee-doo on top.  She twirls to face us and claps her hands.  Smiling again, there is a smudge of bright red lipstick on one of her top teeth.  She has big teeth - not unattractive, but it might be that they are trying to keep up with her enormous smiles.

"To the rug, Class!"

She sashays to the back of the class and gracefully folds her tall and curvy frame into her rocking chair, tucking her long dancers legs to the right.  Knees together and ankles crossed, her high-heeled shoes peek out from her flowing skirt.

Sitting at her feet we listen as she reads to us and when the pesky rabbit gets into trouble again, she laughs.  A big and loud laugh, with her head thrown back and her eyes closed.

Everything about Mrs. Skoumal is big.  And she makes us feel a little bit big, too.  Even if we're only 2nd graders.  In fact, she makes us feel so big, like we could be anything and do anything, that even after we graduate from her class, we happily sign up for her after-school tap dancing classes ... just to be big with her some more.

Tappity - Tap
Tappity - Tap
Tappity - Tappity - Tappity - Tap!

Prompt #5 - 2nd Grade Teacher - whom I still look for every 4th of July ... to see her big eyes, her big smile and her big head of crazy red hair.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. You took me back to my second grade class. I love how you've focused on such a small moment that captures what it means to be a small person looking up to a special grown up. Visiting from Mama Kat's.

  2. Amazing how we can remember certain people in our lives! She must've made a nice impression on you!

  3. I love how you can remember her so vividly! I have a few people I can remember like that.


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