Thursday, January 17, 2013

What We're Left With

As with any loss, there is a void left behind.  The gap that yawns in the wee mouth of my baby after the first tooth came loose.  The missing bowl that used to nest with its sisters in the cupboard, lost at a church potluck, perhaps.  The trinket snatched from the shelf of the hutch, a dust outline reminding us of its shape.

And white cotton-candy fluff woven into the carpet, illuminated by the brittle winter sunshine creeping across the living room floor.  The last tufts of our Gimli, reminding us of the way that he filled each and every corner of our home, and left his fur balls everywhere, too.  These knots of fluff (enough to stuff a pillow) are at once unnerving, causing excessive eye-rolling and bittersweet, too, leading to eyes filled with sentimental tears.

That silly old fellow with his handle bar mustache and affinity for eating twigs, was both exasperating and endearing.  How many times did I scold him for barking at the front door, protecting us from the nefarious leaves that dared to skitter across the driveway?  And yet those round brown eyes could still melt my resolve, which would result in a joy ride to school with him riding shotgun, tongue lolling out and tail wagging.

We'll miss you, Buddy.  Your tap dancing in the laundry room as you waited impatiently for your breakfast.  Your penchant for the mozzarella cheese that inevitably fell to the floor while Brett made pizza on Saturday nights.  Your hoover-like attempts to keep the floor under the kitchen table crumb-free.  Your furry mohawk that stood straight up, refusing to be tamed or trimmed.  And your tentative scratches at the front door when you ended up on the wrong side fence.

Slowly we pack up what you left behind ... your tattered rope, your half-filled box of treats, your fur-covered bed and your worn green leash.  And what are we left with?  A large, four-legged void; sweet, sweet memories ...

And a lot of gossamer fur.


Linking up with Write at the Merge this week - inspired by the words gossamer and affinity.  And by our dear boy, Gim.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. We were there a few years ago. It was harder than I could ever have imagined. Hugs to you.

  2. What a sweet tribute! I loved your first paragaraph where you describe the voids left behind after a loss. Your beautiful words will make me look at the golden fur a bit different and give my pup an extra hug today.

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss and hope the good memories fill the void at least a bit.

  4. The first, the whole post is sheer poetry and is a lovely and sweet epitaph to a fine creature. The little balls of fur and slobber leave pawprints on our hearts forever. *hug*

  5. I'm sorry for your loss, but that was really a lovely tribute. It made me think of my own pets past.

  6. Love this sweet ode to your four legged family member. They're underfoot all the time, and then when they are not the house is just not the same.

  7. What a face! And a fitting tribut to your companion.

    So very sorry for your loss.


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