Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snapshots of the Heart ~ Justice

As moms, we face any number of challenges during the day:

How to gently but thoroughly comb out hair that has been accidentally toothpasted.  Or honeyed.  Or both.

How to make nutritious lunches on Sunday evening when all that's left in the fridge is a tortilla, some grapes and a jar of left-over pasta sauce.

How to help a three-year old backtrack the last 26 minutes in order to find the missing puzzle piece she misplaced.  Somewhere.  In the house.

How to divide up the remaining piece of pizza so that each child gets an equal sized piece.

How to make certain that each child is getting equal screen-time opportunities.

How to make sure that no child feels left out regarding play-dates scheduled for the week.

Do you see a trend there on those last ones?

... A little issue of fairness and justice.

It's an exhausting aspect of mothering.

Throughout each and everyday, I juggle the scales of making sure that no one is getting the short end of the stick.  Or at least, not consistently.  I can't make everything fair, but I do my best to level out the unfairness that is inevitable!

When I consider the challenge it is to keep the scales for my little people balanced, I swoon at the thought of what God faces as He metes out justice for all of mankind.  Can you imagine?!

And yet, He does.  He is just; it is part of His character, a part of Who He is.

I read an excerpt from a devotional by Joyce Meyers recently and she had this to say about our just God:
"God is a God of Justice.  That word justice is so awesome because it means that He will always make anything that's wrong right.  This helps me to not worry when I am mistreated because I know God will bring justice.  It's Who He is."*

There is great comfort in knowing God's character, but it is also an inspiration after which to model our own lives.

Do I love justice like God does?
Do I act justly?
Do I seek justice for others?

"God, help my children to love justice as 
You do and act justly in all they do."  
Psalm 11:7 & Micah 6:8

*Promises for your Everyday Live - a Daily Devotional {day 40}

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