Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snapshots of the Heart ~ Humility

Humility is not our native tongue.

No.  We speak, Whataboutme-nese and Memyselfni-hili.  When something doesn't quite go our way, our Itsnotfair-ian dialect sneaks in.  And when we do something we're proud of, a little Yepitsallme-ish colors our words.

Our words and our actions all point back to us.

"That's mine."

"Please don't touch my stuff."

"Don't waste my time."

"I did it."

"My day was a disaster."

"Where's my candy?"

"I want my alone time."

Me. Mine. I.

What if we took a day and didn't use those words?
What if we changed our language to instead be other-focused?
What if we altered our speech to point back to God and His goodness?
What would happen to our attitudes and our relationships?

I can only imagine that we would be transformed ...

"What do you need right now?"

"Tell me about your morning."

"Do you want to share this treat?"

"You are so important."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Here's to speaking more like Jesus.  Words filled with humbleness, meekness and modesty.

"God, please cultivate in my children 
the ability to show true humility toward all." 
Titus 3:2

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