Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snapshots of the Heart ~ Hope

My big kids both recently finished an intensive study of poetry in their classes.  For several months they were submerged in the world of poetry - both reading it and writing it.  I have been astounded by their creativity and my mommy-heart has been touched by their words.  Here are my two favorites poems by my two favorite poets.

This first one is called a "Bio Poem".  Each line follows a template that the kids filled in with their own personal details.  I love how these few phrases truly capture my boy.  A snapshot of his heart.

Nice, smart, strong, red-head
Sibling of three sisters
Who cares about the safety of the U.S.A.
Who feels good about his friends
Who needs good friends
Who gives support to his two gymnasts
Who fears blackouts
Who would like to see Alcatraz
Resident of Grand Junction, Colorado

In particular, I am a little partial to his description of being nice ... he IS a nice boy.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his body!  I also love his nod to his sisters ... he is one of their most enthusiastic cheerleaders!  He is our social kid which is revealed in the lines about his friends and he is currently in the trenches of learning about the importance of being a good friend and choosing good friends.  As for the Alcatraz bit ... can you guess what books he's brought home from his most recent library trips?  You got it.  

I hope that he will always see his life through these few words:  nice, smart, strong, supportive, a friend, caring and authentic.

This next one is from Norah and it brought tears to my eyes when I read it.  Sitting there in the midst of her fall parent/teacher conference.  In front of her teacher.  Whew!  My little girl is significantly older than her mere 8 years.  I love how this poem taps into the depth of her heart and gives us a little snapshot of her spirit.

The Hawk

I feel so high
I'm a hawk in the sky
Over a world of green
The grass is sweeping
The willow trees weeping
As the bees bring honey to me

My heart full of rapture
My voice full of joy
I need nothing but the sky
I need grass and trees
And honey bees
But mostly I need
The sky

I have so many hopes and dreams for my baby girl ... but they don't even begin to compare with what God has in store for her!  It is a privilege to watch my girl take flight and soar.

And here are my two cents about hope ...

Hanging on to what we know of God.
Overcoming fears and doubt.
Patiently waiting for promises fulfilled.
Experiencing His pleasure as we seek Him.

"May the God of hope grant that my children may 
overflow with hope and hopefulness 
by the power of the Holy Spirit."  
Romans 15:13


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