Friday, August 26, 2011

Food for Thought

I don't know about you, but packing my kid's school lunches everyday is right up there with, umm ... well ... dusting.

School starts up again and there is the potential for me to feel a sense of dread.  A sinking feeling of, "What will I make?  And will they eat it?"  A grumpy attitude of, "How many lunches will I pack this year?  One hundred and eighty times two.... sigh ..."  A puzzlement over how to make this more of my kids' jobs and less of mine.

About this time last year, I posted our "Weekly Lunch Plan" that worked wonders for simplifying our lunch dilemma.  We're back at it again this year, only this time ... they are packing many of their lunch parts the night before!  Yipee!

In place of shuffling into the kitchen after putting the kids to bed and spending the next 20 minutes making sandwiches, dishing out yogurt and doling out crackers and treats, I am taking 2 minutes to scribble love notes, popping them into the "all ready to go" insulated lunch bags and ducking back out of the kitchen to hang out with my hubby.  This hand-off of meal-making has brought a smile to my face ... thanks kids!

Here is the "Weekly Lunch Plan" that we use.

Weekly Lunch Menu

The kids circle their meal choices for the week prior to my grocery shopping trip.  When shopping I try to keep in mind the food items that they have chosen, but they also realize that sometimes substitutions will be required.

The kids pack their sandwiches and sides the night before and slide their insulated bags into the fridge.  The next morning, they pull their mini water bottles out of the freezer (half frozen with ice water) and fill  up the remaining amount with their drink of choice.  These little water bottles keep their lunches chilled while also treating them to an icy drink at lunch time.  I scribble love notes on Norah's napkin, while Aaron has requested his love notes to be written on post it notes ... a little less mushy, I guess.

I hope this little tip helps you out ... because with this crew to keep fed,
I know I need all the help I can get!

First day of school ... Ashley's just a little excited.


  1. Very nice! SInce I home school I don't have this problem but I can see how it could be a hassle. Staring with the older ones will be so beneficial when the younger ones come along!

  2. That is a great idea! You got me thinking about school lunches. I am so not ready for that. My older one is type 1 diabetic so lunches for him are always a chore.


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