Monday, August 23, 2010

Lunches Made Easy

While I was in the kitchen tonight putting together the kids' lunches for tomorrow (and at the same time enjoying a little time with Sara Groves in the quietness of "after-bedtime-bliss"), I thought I would share a little tool I put together last year to help make the endless lunch-making a tad bit easier.  Essentially it is a check list the kids do at the first of the week in which they choose what the want in their lunch bags each day.  They choose a main, two side dishes and a drink from the list.  I can shop at the first of the week according to what they have chosen and then each night I just fill their bags with what they have requested.  It works like a charm!  I don't have to get creative (especially at night when I don't feel like it) and they kids can't complain because it's what they marked!  I have attached our own list as an example, but you should cater it to your kids and what they like.  Hope it makes maybe just one aspect of getting the kids to school easier!

P.S.  Aaron is having a PB & Raisin Roll-Up, Strawberries and Cottage Cheese with Juice.  
Norah is having a Snacky Plate, Cottage Cheese, Crackers, Strawberries and water.  Yum!

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