Thursday, August 25, 2011

Right? Right.

It's just a sticker, right?

Just a piece of paper with an adhesive backing that allows said picture to be stuck to nearly any surface.  With the greatest of ease, a piece of craft paper, a kitchen table or your van's back seat can be decorated with Dora the Explorer, Disney princesses, sports paraphernalia, glittery jewels, scratch-n-sniff circles and jungle animals!

But is it really just a sticker?

This week, we have had the joy of having an extra little buddy around during the day.  For a few hours a day, Ashley has enjoyed having a little person with whom to play.  Someone her size.  And her speed.

At first, I was a little anxious about having an extra friend - increasing our day-time movers and shakers to five.  How would she mesh with our kids and our routine?  How would our kids do with having to share Mom for a bit?  How would we keep things fun and happy?



My eldest daughter decorated five pieces of computer paper with each child's name and a few "starter" stickers.  After taping them to the pantry door, we talked about how we could add more bling and glitter to our pages.  Here's what we came up with ...

First time obedience,
Putting shoes where they live,
Washing hands before and after meals,
Using your manners,
Sharing toys well,
Saying sorry, and
Taking turns

... all earned stickers.  Pretty simple really, but where the kids saw fun and decorations, I saw sanity and harmony.  It's actually quite amazing how quickly even our little guest picked up on the perks of being "quick and snappy" in obedience ... especially if she got to choose a, "birthday cupcake sticker" to add to her page.  In fact, today when she arrived, she plopped her shoes and socks next to the front door (where the live) and then ran to me excitedly, "Mrs Rogan ... can I have a sticker?!"

You bet!

At the end of the week, she'll get to take home her work of art ... and a little preschool pride in a job well done here at the Kellum house.

A big rainbow balloon stuck to an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of white paper ...

It's just a sticker?  Right ...


Prompt #4 ~ Write a post that begins and ends with the same sentence.   Or at least the same words. :)

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  1. Good idea for when you throw in someone new to the mix or just need to get back to good habits when you have little ones. Unfortunately, they don't work for my 12 year old boy... I should have started earlier!

  2. So cute! I might have to steal, I mean, borrow that idea!

  3. Great idea on the stickers! :)

  4. Stickers do have some magical power. My son loves putting them in weird places


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