Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy To You!

Little Lydia loves her Leap Frog alphabet show, "The Letter Factory".  In just 30 minutes (watched ad finitum) she has learned that the, "'F' says fffff, the 'F' says fffff, Every letter makes a sound, the 'F' says fffff."

Now go back and sing that line about the letter "F" to the tune of, "The Farmer in the Dell" .... and you'll be singing it the rest of the day!  And you have 25 other letters you can substitute to keep you busy.

But, Liddy being Liddy has to spice it up a bit.  She finishes off her "fffff" with her rendition of "Happy Birthday" (Happy to you!) and then with an additional "fffff", "fffff's" out her imaginary candles!  Much to the delight of her older siblings, "Ha, ha, hee, hee!  Do it again, Lydia!"

And, because she loves when people cheer her on, she does.  Again.  And again.

Along these same lines, I wanted to say a quick thank you to all my readers here at Snapshots!  You are my cheering squad, and because of your encouragement, I keep coming back to the keyboard to write something new.  And I marvel that you keep coming back to read it!

I realized a few days ago that yesterday was my blog's first birthday.

(Happy to you, Snapshots!)

I was quite surprised that an entire year's worth of words had spilled out into the blogosphere to be read by you.  There were a few other feelings, too.

I am ...

  • Grateful for the opportunity to put my thoughts down on paper.  (It gets pretty crowded in my head.)
  • Joyful at being able to chronicle a year in the life of the Kellums.  (And some weariness at seeing how busy that year was.)
  • Thankful for my readers.  That's YOU! (And my commentors ... it's fun to hear from you, too!)
  • Honored that God has allowed me this place to share about my life with Jesus.  (This is one of my favorite parts!)
  • Humbled that any of you experience any encouragement, delight, help, or even a good laugh because of my mere ramblings.  (This is by far the the scariest part!)
  • Astonished that God continues to give me inspiration in my writing. (I have yet to run dry of things to write about ... oh, to have the time to get it all on paper!)
  • Tickled Pink about the opportunities I've had to write! (My words, face and name at in-courage and in the MOPS MomSense Magazine, July/August 2011 ... eek!)
  • Inspired to keep writing and looking for opportunities to "put myself out there". (Okay ... maybe this is the scariest part!)
  • Overwhelmed by the sheer thought of how to reach more readers with my blog.  (I'm a pretty quadrorillianth fish in a GINORMOUS pond of bloggers!  See the -Ism to the right.)
  • Challenged to refine my writing and hone this gift that God has given me to invite others to pause, ponder and celebrate life's littlest moments with me.  (I would love this blog to be a bench where you feel free to come and rest a moment.)
  • Curious about what else God has in store.  (What will He use little ol' me for?!?)
  • Excited about the next 260 posts in the coming year!  (That's a nutty number!)

It has been a fun year!  Here are some of my favorite posts:

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What a day in the life of Mommy actually looks like.
The "bummer dude" parts of motherhood.
Keeping motherhood fun ... mostly!

Thanks for taking the time to read again ...

I'll be here all week!   Don't forget to tip your waiter.  :)

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