Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Vacation By Numbers - Part 2

Yesterday I exhausted you with a few facts about our trip to Wisconsin.  Today I will continue the "Oh my, how did we do it?!?" theme with a few more numbers.

38 water slides that at least one of our immediate family members enjoyed/screamed through/laughed hysterically throughout.

60 minutes in the wave pool being tossed here and there while Lydia lounged in her side of the double inner-tube.

2 times that I thought Lydia had actually dozed off in the wave pool.

5 minutes ... each session of being thrashed tossed around was about that many minutes too long.

37 minutes in the whole week spent on the deck reading ... not a leisurely vacation by any stretch of the imagination.

3 swimsuits that will never be the same.  Can you say, "saggy bottoms"?

On Thursday, Norah and I headed back to Denver for her State Gymnastics Meet (more on that later).  Brett, on the other hand, was gearing up for the return trip via I-80.  This final list is a hodge-podge of numbers from both our trips ... making us doubly wiped out!

631 - our flight from Madison, WI to Denver, CO on Frontier.

8:34 pm marked our arrival in DIA.

4 minutes for my hair to go from cute, little, hydrated ringlets to strung-out, limp waves ... and for my lips to go parched.  ... water ...

9:40 pm was our scheduled shuttle ride (that would be 10:40 pm according to our internal clocks).

2nd drop-off of the 10 passengers in the shuttle ... thank you, Jesus!

10:42 pm - our heads hit our pillows and we were out!

9:00 am - Brett had the van loaded and the caravan was headed west ... via Minnesota.

2 brave and wonderful grandparents ready for the long return trip.

1 terrific auntie willing to help keep nutty kids sane in the car ... at least as far as Lincoln, Nebraska.

4 state capitals we visited (Denver, Lincoln, Omaha, Madison).

2 mixed up hotels ... by handicapped accessible, we mean not on the 2nd floor with no elevator.

2 hotel pools just in case the kids were drying out.

I-25 trip down through Denver to the gym where Norah competed.

1 co-pilot in the backseat helping Mommy navigate via Google Maps.  She did great!

2nd place all-around for Norah ... wowza! (1st in beam and floor and 4th for bars)

1 proud and teary-eyed Mommy.

4 medals that jingle jangle jingle.

$10 worth of coins at Chuck E. Cheese.

$2 worth of junk as "prizes"!

12 noon - the Wisconsin caravan of vans arrived back in Colorado ... whew!

1 day van-free before heading home.

4:50 matinee to see Cars 2 and to say "Thanks, Kids!" for being amazing travelers.

56 mile marker on I-70W ... about the time the kids finally melted down.

4 kids giggling, crying, zerberting, howling and laughing maniacally from the back seat.

24 Road Exit ... we're 5 minutes from home ... hang on kids and drive faster, Daddy!

2289 miles of driving.

2442 miles of walking from our condo to the water parks and around the concrete pools ... or so it felt!

600+ pictures taken by family members.

300 mental snapshots we hope to hang onto.  (This would have been the vacation to have a water-proof camera.)

21 hours before we were able to find the floor again amidst the mess that resulted from the van throwing up in the living room.

1 grateful family ... loving the memories of our Kellum Reunion!

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  1. Woo! Makes me tired! Glad you had a great time!


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